Support to the Exploitation and Research in Earth Observation

The ongoing Belgian Earth Observation Research programme is STEREO III (Support to the Exploitation and Research in Earth Observation). It started late 2013 and will run until the end of 2020.

Belgian Earth Observation Research Programmes

Belgian Earth Observation capacity building supported by national research funding.

Since 1985 the Belgian government has been supporting Earth observation research activities that have contributed to the development of national scientific and technical expertise as regards satellite data processing techniques, of a market for satellite data applications, of user support services (information, purchasing and archiving of data) and of promotion and valorisation actions aimed at various target groups.

Remote Sensing

Introduction, abilities, benefits and applications of Remote Sensing

Sensu strictu remote sensing is the observation of an object from a distance. In practice, however, the term remote sensing involves all techniques gathering information about features on the Earth's surface through instruments onboard aircrafts or satellites.

Team Presentation

Staff and contact information

The national research programmes for Earth observation are managed by a team of scientists and geographers serving with their knowledge of remote sensing the scientific community and the general public.

The Helpdesk for Earth observation supports the users of remote sensing data and leads valorisation and promotion actions.