Support to the Exploitation and Research of Earth Observation data


Duration of the research: 2001-2006
Budget: 10.857.736 EUR
Projects: 36


  • Maintaining and expanding the Belgian scientific expertise;
  • Development of operational products and services;
  • User support;
  • Valorisation and promotion of Belgian know-how.


The programme fitted within the framework of the overall Belgian research strategy for remote sensing which aims at:

  • Generalising use of satellite data as a source of information;
  • Contributing simultaneously to infrastructure, to data support and data use;
  • Introducing of remote sensing in operational services;
  • Grouping researchers into poles of expertise of international standing.

The poles of expertise to be developed within the programme are:

  • Local vegetation and associated parameters/agriculture;
  • Cartography and land management;
  • Study of coastal regions.