STEREO III Call for proposals

Fifth call for proposals (2018)

The 2018 call concerns EXPLORATION PROJECTS.

This involves small-scale projects associated or not with past BELSPO thematic projects, lasting 1 to 2,5 years for 1 to 3 teams whether or not rounded out by an international team.

The projects are directed at:

  1. Investigating new concepts, technologies and sensors (INNOVATION PROJECT); OR

  2. Exploring a new research track resulting from previous BELSPO remote sensing projects (SPIN-OFF PROJECT); OR

  3. Developing and validating new PROBA-V products (PROBA-V PROJECT); OR

  4. Investigating a site specific and well-defined topic using BELAIR data, e.g. the validation of a vegetation index in a fragmented landscape (BELAIR PROJECT).


Closing dates:

  • Expression of interest (mandatory): 4 May 2018 at 4 PM
  • Research proposals: 14 September 2018 at 4 PM

Documents to download:

Permanent call for proposals


    These projects envisage the transfer of technology and knowledge from scientific institutions to companies, administrations and NGOs. The proposal must result from a critical need of the applicant or its customers and end users. The applications concerned can be products, services, software codes or procedures.

    Financing of a pre-study is possible for maximum 10 keuros for all partners (including the private company). This pre-study is optional and should allow to verify the feasibility of the application, to clearly define the user needs, to settle the intellectual property rights, to consolidate the partnership and to hammer out a proper well-prepared proposal. Concept creator, data or information provider and user should be involved in this pre-study.

    Documents to download:


    This type of project offers co-financing for a Belgian partner who was selected for a international, bilateral, regional or national project (in the BRAIN-be programme for example) but did not receive a 100 % financing. Co-funding for a Belgian participation in transnational programmes such as ERA-nets is also possible.

    Document to download:

    Proposal submission file


    These are small short term projects with a maximum duration of 6 months and a budget not exceeding 30.000 euros. They concern a.o.:

    • Writing up of papers of STEREO III research output not initially foreseen or not yet mature by the end of the project;
    • Rendering software written for a specific project accessible for the remote sensing community;
    • Dedicated research needed for BELSPO or to support a specific remote sensing field;
    • ...

    Document to download:

    Proposal submission file


Joost Vandenabeele: Tel: +32 (0)2 238 35 23
Jean-Christophe Schyns: Tel: +32 (0)2 238 35 91