Benefits of Earth Observation

An improved understanding of the Earth System – of its weather, climate, oceans, land, geology, natural resources, ecosystems, and natural and human-induced hazards – is essential if we want to better predict and mitigate the expected global changes and the impacts on human civilisation. Data collected and information created from Earth observations constitute critical inputs to the exploration of sustainable management of the Earth – providing evidence for informed decision-making, supporting the science that underpins strategies for global environmental governance, and for monitoring our progress on all geographical scales.

The significance of Earth observation in our future decision-making processes is apparent in both:

  • the long term: where high-quality information must be gathered continuously over many years in support of vital climate studies;
  • the short term: where better information on every-day activities that support human existence will be a vital component of the global strategy for adaptation to a world with a rapidly changing population, depleting natural resources, and experiencing the possible consequences of human-induced climate change.