Support to the Exploitation and Research in Earth Observation

STEREO III (Support to the Exploitation and Research in Earth Observation) is the ongoing Belgium programme for remote sensing research. It started late 2013 and will run until the end of 2020.

The focus is on enabling of high quality research through the financing of various types of research projects. This is aided by a rigorous selection procedure, the inclusion of international partners and the project supervision by a Steering Committee. This research is carried out by a tightly knit community which is supported by our EODesk, which is also tasked to disseminate the research results.

In addition the programme aims at facilitating the development of applications.

The thematic research priorities are:

  • Global monitoring of vegetation and evolution of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Management of the environment on a local and regional scale (water, soil, forest, nature reserves and biodiversity, agriculture, coastal areas, urban and peri-urban areas)
  • Interaction between (change in) land cover and climate change
  • Epidemiology and humanitarian aid
  • Security and risk management

For more information on the programme, click on Description.

If you are interested to learn about the call for proposals or would like to submit a proposal, go to Calls for proposals.

Useful documents for project promotors and proposal evaluators can be found under Project Management and Proposal Evaluation.