KULeuven - Division Forest, Nature and Landscape 

Laboratorium voor Bos, Natuur en Landschap LBNL

Description How can we manage forests in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way? Which plant species grow at what place? Why are some of them rare? How strongly are our landscapes fragmented and how can we measure that? How can we use remote sensing to find out forest structures, their ecological impact, and vitality? How can forests and soils contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases? All these questions are addressed in the Division Forest, Nature, and Landscape, and they are essential for the future of man and nature on the earth. More specifically, the research focuses on the following: The way of plant propagation in nature and its velocity. Application of this knowledge in the framework of forest expansion, nature development, and nature re-establishment. The impact of mankind on landscapes and methods to evaluate it. The social, ecological, and economical functions of landscapes The use of earth observation with satellites to derive useful information over growth and vitality of natural ecosystems CO2-uptake by forests in order to reduce the greenhouse-effect Acquisition and processing of information over ecosystems in geographic information systems Development of measurement methods and indicators for sustainable forest management
Type University
Address Celestijnenlaan 200 E
City 3001 Heverlee
Country Belgium
Telephone + 32 16 32 97 21
Fax + 32 16 32 97 60
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Members GULINCK Hubert   Professor
MUYS Bart   Research Assistant
VAN AARDT Basjan   Research Assistant
Applications Forest & natural vegetation
Land planning & infrastructures
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