EUFAR (European Facility for Airborne Research)  EUFAR

EUFAR is a pan-european portal and network for airborne research infrastructures dedicated to environmental sciences.

Created in 2000, EUFAR was born out of the necessity to create a central network for the airborne research community in Europe with the principal aim of supporting scientists, by granting them access to research aircraft and instruments otherwise not accessible in their home countries. In this way, scientists all over Europe can have an equal chance to carry out various atmospheric and in situ measurements on board research aircraft. In essence, EUFAR links scientists with operators of research facilities, and financially supports this collaboration by providing funding for flight hours as well as for travel and subsistence during campaigns.

With time EUFAR has grown, introducing new activities and objectives to place itself as the unique network and portal of airborne research for the environmental and geosciences in Europe. From organising summer schools, expert workshops, and serving as an interactive and dynamic hub of information, to maintaining a central data archive, and developing tools and standards to collect, process and analysis data, EUFAR continues to improve the operational environment for conducting airborne research.
Type International non-profit association
Address Météo-France CNRM/GMEI
42, Avenue Coriolis

City 31057  Toulouse
Country France
Telephone + 33 5 61 98 38
Website link
Applications Airborne Remote Sensing
General Earth observation
EUFAR (European Facility for Airborne Research)
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