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Aerodata International Surveys Data providerBelgium»
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research centreCanada»
Airbus Defence and Space Data providerFrance»
Alfred Wegener Institute Research centreGermany»
AM/FM GIS Belgium-Luxemburg International non-profit associationBelgium»
American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote SensingASPRSInternational non-profit associationUnited States»
Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. EngineeringUnited States»
ASI (Italian Space Agency) Space AgencyItaly»
Astronautic Technology (M) Sdn Bhd EngineeringMalaysia»
Aurea Imaging Ltd. Data providerBelgium»
Australian Centre for Remote Sensing GovernmentAustralia»
AVIA-GIS (Agriculture and Veterinary Information and Analysis) Consultancy companyBelgium»
BARSC (British Association of Remote Sensing Companies) National non-profit associationUnited Kingdom»
Basque Centre for Climate ChangeBC³Research centreSpain»
BELGAPOMBELGAPOMNational non-profit associationBelgium»
Belgian Science Policy OfficeBELSPOGovernmentBelgium»
Belgospace National non-profit associationBelgium»
Belspo - Directorate Federal, Interfederal and International Coordination GovernmentBelgium»
Belspo - Research Programmes Department GovernmentBelgium»
Belspo - Space Research and Applications Division GovernmentBelgium»
BGS (British Geological Survey) Public instituteUnited Kingdom»
BIRA - IASB (Institut d'Aéronomie Spatiale de Belgique/Belgisch Instituut voor Ruimte-Aëronomie) Public instituteBelgium»
Bournemouth University UniversityUnited Kingdom»
BPPT - Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology Public instituteIndonesia»
British Antarctic SurveyBASResearch centreUnited Kingdom»
Bruxelles Environnement/Leefmilieu Brussel Public instituteBelgium»
Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières Research centreFrance»
BUSOC (Belgian User Support and Operation Centre) Public instituteBelgium»
Calakmul Biosphere Reserve National non-profit associationMexico»
Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO) Public instituteCanada»
Canadian Space AgencyCSASpace AgencyCanada»
Carnegie Institution of ScienceCISNational non-profit associationUnited States»
CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science) Research centreUnited Kingdom»
Center for Ecological Research and Forestry ApplicationsCREAF-CSICResearch centreSpain»
Centre d'Etudes Spatiales de la BIOsphèreCESBIO Research centreFrance»
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Research centreUnited Kingdom»
Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques Research centreFrance»
Centre Royal de Télédétection Spatiale CRTSGovernmentMorocco»
CIRB - CIBG (Brussels Regional Informatics Center) Public instituteBelgium»
CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) Space AgencyFrance»
CNSA (China National Space Administration) Space AgencyChina»
Columbia University - Department of Earth and Environmental EngineeringCUUniversityUnited States»
Comahue National University (CNU) UniversityArgentina»
Committee on Earth Observation SatellitesCEOSInternational non-profit associationInternational»
CONAE (Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales) Space AgencyArgentina»
Council for Scientific and Industrial ResearchCSIRPublic instituteSouth Africa»
CRA - Biométrie, Gestion des données et Agrométéorologie Research centreBelgium»
CRA - Unité de la Lutte biologique et Ressources phytogénétiques Research centreBelgium»
CRA - Unité de Productions et Nutrition animales Research centreBelgium»
CRA-W (Centre wallon de Recherches agronomiques) Research centreBelgium»
Creaction Consultancy companyBelgium»
CSIRO - Land and Water Research centreAustralia»
CSIRO - Marine and Atmosphere Research centreAustralia»
CSIRO - Mineral Resources Research centreAustralia»
CSIRO (Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization) Research centreAustralia»
CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège) Research centreBelgium»
DEIMOS Data providerSpain»
DigitalGlobe Data providerUnited States»
Direction Générale de la Coopération au Développement/Belgische Ontwikkelingssamenwerking GovernmentBelgium»
DLR (German Aerospace Center) Space AgencyGermany»
EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) International non-profit associationInternational»
EARSeL (European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories) International non-profit associationInternational»
EC (European Commission) GovernmentBelgium»
ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) Research centreUnited Kingdom»
EEA (European Environment Agency) GovernmentInternational»
e-GEOS Data providerItaly»
ERM - KMS - RMA (Ecole Royale Militaire/Koninklijke Militaire School) UniversityBelgium»
ERM/KMS - Signal and Image Centre UniversityBelgium»
EROS (Earth Resources Observation and Science) Data providerUnited States»
ESA - ESOC Space AgencyInternational»
ESA - ESRIN Research centreItaly»
ESA - ESTEC  Research centreNetherlands»
ESA - Redu station Space AgencyBelgium»
ESA (European Space Agency) Space AgencyFrance»
ESRI Belux Software providerBelgium»
Estación Experimental de Aula Dei EEADPublic instituteSpain»
EUFAR (European Facility for Airborne Research)EUFARInternational non-profit associationFrance»
EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) Data providerGermany»
Eurisy International non-profit associationFrance»
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather ForecastsECMWFData processing centreUnited Kingdom»
European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC) Research centreItaly»
European Commission - Regional Policy Directorate-General GovernmentBelgium»
European Commission - Research and Innovation Directorate-General GovernmentBelgium»
European Union Satellite CentreSatCenResearch centreBelgium»
Eurosense Data providerBelgium»
EUSI (European Space Imaging) Data providerGermany»
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) International non-profit associationInternational»
Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources Public instituteGermany»
Federal public service Health, Food chain safety and environment GovernmentBelgium»
Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles - Direction de la Recherche scientifique  GovernmentBelgium»
FLAGIS (Flemish Association for Geographic Information Systems) National non-profit associationBelgium»
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH Research centreGermany»
GEO (Group on Earth Observations) International non-profit associationSwitzerland»
Geological Remote Sensing Group  International non-profit associationInternational»
GIM (Geographic Information Management) Data providerBelgium»
GIPSA-Lab, Laboratoire de recherche Grenoble Images Parole Signal AutomatiqueGIPSA-LabResearch centreFrance» - Consultancy companyBelgium»
Groningen Institute of Archaelogy UniversityNetherlands»
Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrumGFZResearch centreGermany»
Hexagon Geospatial Software providerUnited States»
Humboldt-Universitât - Geomatics Department UniversityGermany»
Humboldt-Universität zu BerlinHU-BerlinUniversityGermany»
Hungarian National Museum - National Heritage Protection Centre Public instituteHungary»
HYGEOS Consultancy companyFrance»
Hyperspectral Imaging Limited Data providerCanada»
HyVista Consultancy companyAustralia»
IGN/NGI (Institut Géographique National/Nationaal Geografisch Instituut) Public instituteBelgium»
I-Mage Consult Consultancy companyBelgium»
IMDC (International Marine and Dredging Consultants) Consultancy companyBelgium»
INBO (Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek) Public instituteBelgium»
IncGeo (Incubator Geoinformation) National non-profit associationBelgium»
Indian Space Research Organisation Space AgencyIndia»
Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space Space AgencyIndonesia»
Institut de Médecine Tropicale Prince Léopold/Prins Leopold Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde Research centreBelgium»
Institut für Geowissenschaften UniversityGermany»
Institut Géographique National de FranceIGN FrancePublic instituteFrance»
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique Research centreFrance»
Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique/Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor NatuurwetenschIRSNBPublic instituteBelgium»
Institut Scientifique de Service Public ISSePResearch centreBelgium»
Institute for Atmospheric Pollution Research centreItaly»
Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment Research centreItaly»
Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Research centreSpain»
Institute of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Research centreGreece»
Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis Research centreItaly»
Instituut voor Landbouw- en VisserijonderzoekILVOResearch centreBelgium»
International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation Research centreNetherlands»
IOC (United Nations - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) International non-profit associationFrance»
IRCEL - CELINEIRCEL - CELINEPublic instituteBelgium»
IRM/KMI - Section Ozone and UV Public instituteBelgium»
IRM/KMI - Section Remote Sensing from Space Public instituteBelgium»
IRM/KMI (Institut Royal Météorologique/Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut) Public instituteBelgium»
ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) International non-profit associationInternational»
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise ‘G. Caporale’ Public instituteItaly»
ITC - Department Information Technology Research centreNetherlands»
ITC - Department of Earth Systems Analysis  Research centreNetherlands»
ITC - Department of Natural Resources  Research centreNetherlands»
ITC - Department of Water Resources  Research centreNetherlands»
JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Space AgencyJapan»
KeyObs Consultancy companyBelgium»
KNAW (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen) Research centreNetherlands»
KNMI (Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut) Public instituteNetherlands»
Korea Aerospace Research Institute Space AgencySouth Korea»
KULeuven - Department Agriculture and Applied Biological Sciences UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Department of Biology  UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Department of Biosystems  UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Department of Chemistry  UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Department of Civil Engineering  UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES)KULeuven - EESUniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Department of Electrical Engineering  UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Division Forest, Nature and Landscape UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Division of Mechatronics, Biostatistics and Sensors UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Division of Soil and Water Management UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Geomatics and Forest Engineering UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Hydraulics Laboratory UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Microelectronics and Sensors Research Group UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Physical and Regional Geography Research Group UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven - Spatial Applications Division Leuven UniversityBelgium»
KULeuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) UniversityBelgium»
Laboratoire d Océanographie de VillefrancheLOVResearch centreFrance»
LSCE - Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l Environnement Research centreFrance»
Luxembourg Institute of Science and TechnologyLISTResearch centreLuxembourg»
Luxembourg National Research Fund  Public instituteLuxembourg»
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Research centreGermany»
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Research centreGermany»
Max Planck Society Research centreGermany»
MDA Corporation Data providerCanada»
Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania UniversityGreece»
Met Office - UK's National Meteorological Service GovernmentUnited Kingdom»
Meteo FranceMeteo FrancePublic instituteFrance»
MeteoSwiss - Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology Public instituteSwitzerland»
Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale/Ministerie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest GovernmentBelgium»
Ministry of environment and mineral resources - Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing GovernmentKenya»
MRAC/KMMA - Department Earth Sciences Public instituteBelgium»
MRAC/KMMA - Department Geology and Mineralogy Public instituteBelgium»
MRAC/KMMA - Section of General Geology Public instituteBelgium»
MRAC/KMMA - Section of Mineralogy and Petrography Public instituteBelgium»
MRAC/KMMA - Section of Remote Sensing and Cartography Public instituteBelgium»
MRAC/KMMA (Musée royal de l Afrique centrale/Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika) Public instituteBelgium»
MUMM BMM UGMM (Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models) Public instituteBelgium»
Musée national d Histoire naturelle du Luxembourg Public instituteLuxembourg»
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center Research centreUnited States»
NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory Research centreUnited States»
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Space AgencyUnited States»
National Centre for Earth Observation Research centreUnited Kingdom»
National Commission on Space Activities Space AgencyArgentina»
National Institute for Aerospace Technology Public instituteSpain»
National Institute of Space Research Space AgencyBrazil»
National Oceanography Centre Research centreUnited Kingdom»
National Research Council of Italy Research centreItaly»
National Snow and Ice Data Center Research centreUnited States»
National Space Organization of Taiwan Space AgencyTaiwan»
NATO AEW&C Programme Management Agency GovernmentNetherlands»
NATO/OTAN (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) GovernmentBelgium»
Natural Resources Canada GovernmentCanada»
Nazka Mapps Research centreBelgium»
NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Research centreUnited Kingdom»
NEREUS (Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies)NEREUSInternational non-profit associationBelgium»
Netherlands Aerospace CentreNLREngineeringNetherlands»
Netherlands Institute for Ecology Research centreNetherlands»
Netherlands Space OfficeNSOSpace AgencyNetherlands»
NGU - Norges geologiske undersøkelse (Geological Survey of Norway) Research centreNorway»
NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research) National non-profit associationNorway»
NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) Public instituteUnited States»
NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Research centreCanada»
Observatoire volcanique de Goma Research centreCongo, The Democratic Republic of the»
Ocean Optics EngineeringNetherlands»
Office National d Etudes et Recherches Aérospatiales Research centreFrance»
OIP (Optical and Precision Instruments) EngineeringBelgium»
ORB/KSB (Observatoire Royal Belge/Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van België) Public instituteBelgium»
Planétarium de l'Observatoire Royal de Belgique/Planetarium van de Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van Belg Public instituteBelgium»
QuantaLab - Laboratory for Research Methods in Quantitative Remote Sensing Research centreSpain»
Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development Research centreKenya»
Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society International non-profit associationInternational»
Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Consultancy companyUnited Kingdom»
Research and Development Center ScanEx Data providerRussian Federation»
Rijkswaterstaat Nederland GovernmentNetherlands»
Romanian National Meteorological Administration GovernmentRomania»
ROSA (Romanian Space Agency) Space AgencyRomania»
Roscosmos - Russian Space Agency Space AgencyRussian Federation»
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea ResearchNIOZResearch centreNetherlands»
Sarmap Consultancy companySwitzerland»
Science and Technology Facilities CouncilSTFCResearch centreUnited Kingdom»
SERTIT Public instituteFrance»
Service géologique de Belgique/Belgische Geologische Dienst Public instituteBelgium»
SESVanderHave Research centreBelgium»
SNSB (Swedish National Space Board) Space AgencySweden»
Sovinformsputnik Data providerRussian Federation»
Spacebel EngineeringBelgium»
Spanish National Research Council - Institute for Earth Sciences "Jaume Almera" Research centreSpain»
SPF Economie, P.M.E., Classes moyennes et EnergieSPF EconomieGovernmentBelgium»
SPW - Cellule SIG DGARNE GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - Département de l'Etude du milieu naturel et agricole GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - Département de la Géomatique GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - Département de la Nature et des Forêts GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - Département des Aides  GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - Département des Programmes de recherche GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - DG opérationnelle Agriculture, Ressources naturelles et de Environnement GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - DG opérationnelle Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - DG opérationnelle Economie, Emploi, Recherche GovernmentBelgium»
SPW - Secrétariat général GovernmentBelgium»
SPW (Service public de Wallonie)SPWGovernmentBelgium»
SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) EngineeringSweden»
SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd) EngineeringUnited Kingdom»
Staatsbosbeheer  Public instituteNetherlands»
Starlab Research centreSpain»
State Space Agency of Ukraine Space AgencyUkraine»
Technical University of Clausthal - Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Mine Surveying UniversityGermany»
Technische Universiteit EindhovenTU/eUniversityNetherlands»
Techworks Marine Ltd Research centreIreland»
Thales Alenia Space EngineeringBelgium»
Trasys Consultancy companyBelgium»
TU Delft - Department of Geoscience & Remote Sensing UniversityNetherlands»
TU Delft (Technische Universiteit Delft) UniversityNetherlands»
UA - Department Bioscience Engineering UniversityBelgium»
UA - Department of Biology UniversityBelgium»
UA - Department of Physics  UniversityBelgium»
UA - Ecosystem Management Research GroupECOBEUniversityBelgium»
UA - Plants and Vegetation ecology (PLECO) UniversityBelgium»
UA - Vision Lab UniversityBelgium»
UA (Universiteit Antwerpen) UniversityBelgium»
UC Santa Barbara - Department of Geography UniversityUnited States»
UCL - Earth and Life Institute UniversityBelgium»
UCL - Environmental SciencesELIEUniversityBelgium»
UCL - Faculty of bioscience engineering UniversityBelgium»
UCL - Georges Lemaître Centre for Earth and Climate ResearchTECLIMUniversityBelgium»
UCL - Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied MathematicsICTEAMUniversityBelgium»
UCL - Institute of Mechanics, Materials and Civil EngineeringIMMCUniversityBelgium»
UCL (Université catholique de Louvain)  UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Cartography and Geographic Information Systems Research Group UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of 3D Data Acquisition UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Applied Ecology and Environmental Biology UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Biology  UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Forest and water management  UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Geography  UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Geology and Soil Sciences  UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Mathematical modelling, Statistics and Bioinformatics UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Soil Management UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing (TELIN) UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Department of Virology, Parasitology, Immunology UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Faculty Engineering and Architecture UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Faculty of Bioscience engineering UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Faculty of Science UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Image Processing and Interpretation Research Group (IPI) UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Laboratory of Forest Management and Spatial Information Techniques (FORSIT) UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Laboratory of Hydrology and water management (LHWM)UGent - LHWMUniversityBelgium»
UGent - Laboratory of Plant Ecology UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Marine Biology Research Group UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Protistology & Aquatic Ecology Research GroupPAEUniversityBelgium»
UGent - Renard Centre of Marine Geology (RCMG) UniversityBelgium»
UGent - Research Unit Knowledge-based SystemsKERMITUniversityBelgium»
Ugent (Universiteit Gent) UniversityBelgium»
UHasselt - Centre for Environmental Sciences Research centreBelgium»
UHasselt - Department of Biology and Geology  UniversityBelgium»
UHasselt - Laboratory of Botany UniversityBelgium»
UHasselt - Laboratory of Environmental Biology UniversityBelgium»
UHasselt (Universiteit Hasselt) UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Biogeochemistry and Earth System Modelling UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Chimie quantique et Photophysique UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Département Géosciences, Environnement et Société UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Department of Biology of Organisms UniversityBelgium»
ULB - École Interfacultaire de Bioingénieurs UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Ecology of Aquatic Systems UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Evolutionary Biology & Ecology UniversityBelgium»
ULB - IGEAT - ANAGEO (Analyse Géospatiale) UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Institut d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique (IAA) UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Institute for Environmental Management and Land-use Planning (IGEAT) UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Laboratoire de Glaciologie UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Lutte biologique et Ecologie spatiale (LUBIES) UniversityBelgium»
ULB - Unit of Landscape Ecology and Plant Production Systems UniversityBelgium»
ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) UniversityBelgium»
ULB Coopération International non-profit associationBelgium»
ULg - Aquapole  Space AgencyBelgium»
ULg - Chemical Oceanography Unit UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Département de Sciences géographiques UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Département d'Electricité, Electronique et Informatique UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Département des Sciences et Gestion de l'Environnement UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Department of Astrophysics, Geophysics and OceanographyAGOUniversityBelgium»
ULG - Eau Environnement Développement (ULG-EED) UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Biologie végétale UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Echanges Eau-Sol-Plante UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Gestion des Ressources forestières UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Phytotechnie tempérée UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Unité de Recherche AGROBIOCHEM UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Unité de recherche BIOSE UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Génie Minéral, Matériaux et Environnement UniversityBelgium»
ULg - GeoHydrodynamics & Environment ResearchGHERUniversityBelgium»
ULg - Hydraulics in environmental and civil engineeringHECEUniversityBelgium»
ULg - Hydrogéologie et Géologie de l Environnement UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Laboratoire d Hydrographie et de Géomorphologie FluviatileLHGFUniversityBelgium»
ULg - Laboratoire de Climatologie UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Laboratoire de Géomorphologie et Télédétection UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Laboratory for Planetary and Atmospheric Physics LPAPUniversityBelgium»
ULg - Laboratory for Signal and Image Exploitation (INTELSIG) UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Unité de Géomatique UniversityBelgium»
ULg - Urban & Environmental Engineering UniversityBelgium»
ULg (Université de Liège) UniversityBelgium»
UN (United Nations) International non-profit associationUnited States»
UNESCO (United Nations - Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) International non-profit associationFrance»
UNHCR (United Nations - High Commissioner for Refugees) International non-profit associationSwitzerland»
United Kingdom Space Agency  Space AgencyUnited Kingdom»
United Nations Environment ProgrammeUNEPInternational non-profit associationKenya»
Universität Salzburg UniversityAustria»
Université de Namur UniversityBelgium»
Université de Namur - Département de Biologie UniversityBelgium»
Université de Namur - Département de Géographie UniversityBelgium»
Université de Namur - Département de Mathématique UniversityBelgium»
Université de Namur - Unité de recherche en biologie environnementale et évolutive (URBE) UniversityBelgium»
Université de Nantes UniversityFrance»
Université de Nantes - Laboratory of Planetology and GeodynamicsLPGUniversityFrance»
Université de Rennes - Haute Bretagne UniversityFrance»
Université de Rennes - LETG-Rennes-COSTEL UniversityFrance»
Université de Strasbourg - Faculté de Géographie et d’Aménagement UniversityFrance»
Université du Littoral Côte d Opale UniversityFrance»
Université du Luxembourg UniversityLuxembourg»
Université du Luxembourg - Physics and Materials Science Research Unit UniversityLuxembourg»
Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI UniversityFrance»
Universiteit Wageningen - Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) Research centreNetherlands»
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) UniversityMalaysia»
University of Amsterdam UniversityNetherlands»
University of Amsterdam - Institute for Biodiversity en Ecosystem Dynamics UniversityNetherlands»
University of Bristol UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Buenos Aires - Institute for research in Astronomy and AstrophysicsIAFE (CONICET - UBA)UniversityArgentina»
University of Colorado UniversityUnited States»
University of Colorado - Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences Research centreUnited States»
University of Copenhagen UniversityDenmark»
University of Copenhagen - Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management UniversityDenmark»
University of Edinburgh UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Edinburgh - School of GeoSciences UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Exeter UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Exeter - Department of Geography  UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Extremadura UniversitySpain»
University of Extremadura - Polytechnical School UniversitySpain»
University of Groningen UniversityNetherlands»
University of Hull UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Hull -School of Environmental Sciences UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Manchester UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Manchester - School of Environment & Development UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Manchester - School of Geography  UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Massachusetts BostonUMBUniversityUnited States»
University of Milano-Bicocca UniversityItaly»
University of Milano-Bicocca - Department of Atmosphere and Territory Sciences  UniversityItaly»
University of Naples Federico II UniversityItaly»
University of Naples Federico II - Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences UniversityItaly»
University of Natural Resources and Life SciencesBOKUUniversityAustria»
University of New South Wales - School of Biological, Earth and Environmental SciencesUNSW SydneyUniversityAustralia»
University of Pavia UniversityItaly»
University of Pavia - Laboratory for Telecommunications & Remote Sensing UniversityItaly»
University of Pretoria UniversitySouth Africa»
University of Sheffield UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Sheffield - Ice and ClimatE Research at Sheffield UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Southampton UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Southampton - GeoData Institute UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Southampton - Geography and Environment UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Tel Aviv UniversityIsrael»
University of Tel Aviv - Department of Geography  UniversityIsrael»
University of Tel Aviv - Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory UniversityIsrael»
University of Thessaly, School of Engineering UniversityGreece»
University of Trier UniversityGermany»
University of Trier - Department of Remote Sensing  UniversityGermany»
University of Tuscia UniversityItaly»
University of Tuscia - Department of Crop Production  UniversityItaly»
University of Utrecht UniversityNetherlands»
University of Utrecht - Faculty of Geosciences - Department of Physical Geography  UniversityNetherlands»
University of Valencia UniversitySpain»
University of Valencia - Department of Electronic Engineering  UniversitySpain»
University of Valencia - Department of Thermodynamics UniversitySpain»
University of Valencia - Image Processing Laboratory (IPL) Research centreSpain»
University of Wageningen UniversityNetherlands»
University of Wageningen - Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing UniversityNetherlands»
University of Wales Aberystwyth UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Wales Aberystwyth - Institute of Geography & Earth Sciences UniversityUnited Kingdom»
University of Warsaw UniversityPoland»
University of Warsaw - Department of Geoinformatics, Cartography and Remote Sensing UniversityPoland»
University of Warsaw - Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies UniversityPoland»
University of Zaragoza UniversitySpain»
University of Zurich UniversitySwitzerland»
University of Zurich - Remote Sensing Laboratories UniversitySwitzerland»
UNOOSA (United Nations - Office for Outer Space Affairs) International non-profit associationAustria»
UNOPS Research centreCongo, The Democratic Republic of the»
USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) Public instituteUnited States»
Verhaert EngineeringBelgium»
Vienna University of Technology - GEO DepartmentTU WienUniversityAustria»
Virtual Surveyor Software providerBelgium»
VITO - Agriculture Research Group Research centreBelgium»
VITO - Global Vegetation Research Group Research centreBelgium»
VITO - Image Processing Group Research centreBelgium»
VITO - Integrated Environmental Studies Research centreBelgium»
VITO - Remote Sensing Research centreBelgium»
VITO - UAV Research Group Research centreBelgium»
VITO (Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek) Research centreBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid GovernmentBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Agenstschap Innoveren en Ondernemen GovernmentBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Agentschap voor Natuur en BosANBPublic instituteBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken GovernmentBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Departement Omgeving GovernmentBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Informatie Vlaanderen Public instituteBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek, Onderzoeksdomein VisserijILVOGovernmentBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Vlaamse LandmaatschappijVLM GovernmentBelgium»
Vlaamse overheid - Vlaamse MilieumaatschappijVMMPublic instituteBelgium»
VLIZ (Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee) National non-profit associationBelgium»
von Karman Institute for Fluid DynamicsVKIPublic instituteBelgium»
VRI (Vlaamse Ruimtevaartindustrie)VRINational non-profit associationBelgium»
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam UniversityNetherlands»
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Department of Earth Sciences UniversityNetherlands»
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Institute for Environmental Studies UniversityNetherlands»
VUB - Ecology and Biodiversity UniversityBelgium»
VUB - Cartography and GIS UniversityBelgium»
VUB - Department of Biology  UniversityBelgium»
VUB - Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) UniversityBelgium»
VUB - Department of Geography  UniversityBelgium»
VUB - Department of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering (HYDR) UniversityBelgium»
VUB - IRIS Multidimensional signal processing and communication UniversityBelgium»
VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) UniversityBelgium»
Wallonie Espace National non-profit associationBelgium»
Walphot Data providerBelgium»
WMO (World Meteorological Organization) International non-profit associationSwitzerland»
WWF-Belgique WWF-België National non-profit associationBelgium»