Data User Programme (DUP)


The Data User Programme (DUP) is a new undertaking under the aegis of the European Space Agency (ESA), which aims at supporting industry and governmental entities to bridge the gap that exists between research at the level of pilot projects and operational provision of Earth observation products at information level.

The DUP is an optional programme that will be implemented in phases of 5 years via a range of projects according to the subscription by ESA member states to the programme.

The projects will promote the usage of Earth observation data, primarily from ESA missions, and raise the awareness among potential users of the applicability in their daily operations. The aim is that such projects shall eventually lead to the establishment of self-sustaining operational services provided by industrial entities - a reason why user requirements and involvement have a major importance in the selection of projects to be undertaken within the programme.

For more information, see the Data User Element website(DUE)


The main objectives of the DUP are to:

  • create an environment allowing for the development of user communities linked to applied research and institutional and commercial applications.
  • support industry and user groups in establishing useful and cost effective services, based on applications already demonstrated in the frame-work of pilot projects.
  • develop and validate technology/products in Europe and try to extend the usage also in countries under development.

These objectives will be pursued with due account of complementary activities undertaken in participating member states in particular and in Europe in general. That the programme also will be executed at a European level - over and above the capabilities and scope of the involvement of a single participating state - and be based on requirements at the users ends are reflected in the criteria stated for activities to be undertaken within the framework of the programme.

These criteria state that new activities must:

  • respond to identified user needs
  • be at information level (in technical terms: above level 2) and, for application service demonstrators, amenable to a service at a regional level
  • not repeat national activities in Participating States bring novel aspects relative to the international state-of-the-art in the respective domains and/or improving conditions for industry to compete at a world wide basis
  • provide results at a level beyond studies and recommendations (e.g. demonstration products)

Industrial participation in the form of direct involvement and/or financing is an important aspect of the DUP, which increases in significance as application service demonstrators get nearer the state where they can be considered operational and hence a basis for continued service provision to end users.

Start-End 01/09/1996 -  31/08/2003
Organisation ESA (European Space Agency)
Budget (€) 15,000,000.00
Projects DAMS2P - Development of global aerosol mapping from satellite level-2 products
TOPO-INSAR - Quality assessment of InSAR topographic mapping
AMASDU - Aerosol Mapping Algorithms for Satellite Data Users
SAR-UGANDA - Local Topographic Mapping with SAR Interferometry in Uganda
REDCEMS - Radar Extracted Data for Crop Early monitoring
BABEL - Bathymetry assessment demonstration
POWERS - Pre-operational water and environment regional service
CEREALS - Dedicated Remote Sensing Product Generation for the Agro-Industry
SARSCAPE - Landscape structure mapping for atmospheric deposition modelling using ERS SAR scene texture features
GLOBSCAR - ATSR Global Burned Forest Mapping
HUMAN - Humanitarian Disaster mapping Tools
GLOBCARBON - Global Land Products for Carbon Model Assimilation
IMCASSAR - Improvement of the Control of Agricultural Subsidies by SAR technology
FAME - Flood Risk and Damage Assessment using Modelling and Earth Observation techniques
MASMOV - Mass Movement Study - Feasibility Study on Italian Landslide Risk Monitoring
BALU - Burned Areas Land Use Change Detection