Data User Element (DUE)


The Data User Element (DUE) is a programmatic component of the Earth Observation Envelope Programme, an optional programme of the European Space Agency that is currently subscribed to by 14 Member States (Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom). A number of rules have been established in order to fulfil the three DUE objectives stated above. In particular, any DUE project must:

  • respond to clear end-user needs;
  • commit 'identified' end-users as active partners of the project build on already established research results;
  • develop information products using EO data as one of the inputs;
  • demonstrate service provision as a real operational test case for the user;
  • lead to a sustainable service in the short term;
  • be innovative.

The mission of the Data User Element (DUE) is to encourage the establishment of a long-term relationship between user communities and Earth Observation. The three major objectives of DUE, as stated in the Programme Declaration, are as follows:

  1. First, to create an environment allowing for the development of user communities for both institutional and commercial applications;
  2. Second, to support European companies in the development and demonstration of information products derived from current and future ESA missions;
  3. Third, to support industry - i.e. value adding and service companies - in establishing useful and cost effective services.

The DUE Programme is executed at European level and calls for international teaming. It is a continuation on a larger scale of the Data User Programme (DUP).

Start-End 01/09/2003 -  31/08/2007
Organisation ESA (European Space Agency)
Budget (€) 15,000,000.00