Agricultural production and plant pathology (-)

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Programme TELSAT 2
Contract TELSAT/II/03
Objective The main objective of this research was to establish the application potential for remote sensing in agrohydrology. The themes take into account water and rural space at the scale of the plot, soil, watershed, channel, humid area.
Result - A study in Belgium on grassland (Famenne) showed that, considering the spectral reply of biomass as an indicator, the analysis of satellite images enables to first of all select and the classify anthropical and environmental parameters capable of influencing biomass aspect, especially from an hydric point of view (excess or deficit).
- A study in West Africa showed that it is possible to establish a typology of wetland by using remote sensing data.
- Finally the use of GIS in watercourse characterisation was explored.
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Project Leader: CRA-W (Centre wallon de Recherches agronomiques)
Project Leader: ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Phytotechnie tempérée
Location West AfricaFamenne (Belgium)
Sensors used
Applications Hydrology & freshwater resources
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