Processes of desertification : soil dynamics and geomorphology (-)

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Programme TELSAT 2
Contract TELSAT/II/10.1
Objective - To monitor the urban encroachment on the fertile land, one of the most severe forms of the land degradation in the Western Nile Delta.
- To investigate the relationship between the depth of the ground water table and the electrical conductivity of the soil paste in situ.
Method - To monitor the urban encroachment a multi temporal study was performed using satellite images, aerial photographs, topographical maps and census data.
Result For 15 comparable case studies, the results of the image classification of the settlement area showed a high correlation with the built up area and the population size as given in the official census data.
By means of supervised image classification techniques it was possible to map the saline and waterlogged soils. Models were built to allow to do prediction of the situation of water logging and salinity when the micro-topography, the underlying clay layers, the irrigation channels end the master drains are digitised and stored in a GIS.
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Project Leader: UGent - Department of Geography
Location Nile delta (Egypt)
Sensors used HRV
Applications Geology & soil
Hydrology & freshwater resources
Environment & Ecology
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Datasets used SPOT 1 - HRV - 23/04/1989
SPOT 1 - HRV - 20/09/1989
LANDSAT 5 - TM - 19/02/1991