Processes of desertification : types of vegetation and their evolution (-)

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Programme TELSAT 2
Contract TELSAT/II/10.2
Objective To study the degradation of the vegetation in the framework of the desertification problems in different test zones.
Method - multi temporal vegetation analysis during one growing season;
- monotemporal classification of SPOT data to quantify the nature and the degree of degradation;
- digital approach using Landsat-MSS data to detect active dune areas.
Result Management options were formulated to combat the desertification process.
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Project Leader: GOOSSENS Rudi UGent - Department of 3D Data Acquisition
Location Egypt (Egypt)
Benin (Benin)
India (India)
Sensors used HRV
Applications Geology & soil
Environment & Ecology
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Datasets used SPOT 1 - HRV - 23/04/1989
SPOT 1 - HRV - 11/10/1986
SPOT 1 - HRV - 20/09/1989