Monitoring of the actual evapo-transpiration, estimated by satellite imagery (-)

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Programme TELSAT 2
Contract TELSAT/II/17
Objective A method devised for estimating the effective evapotranspiration, ETR, has been developed at the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM/KMI) of Belgium. It is aimed to be applied to satellite data. Present study was set up to do carry out several preliminary tasks for the building of a data base and the processing of the raw satellite data.
Method - processing of clear sky Meteosat image.: calibration, atmospheric corrections by means of the s and Lowtran 7 codes, transformation of meteorological and geographical data in the satellite data projection, construction of database management system for simultaneous processing of the different data sets
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Project Leader: IRM/KMI (Institut Royal Météorologique/Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut)
Sensors used MVIRI
Applications Atmosphere
Hydrology & freshwater resources
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