Agricultural land inventory in Africa: comparison of 4 different survey methods (-)

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Programme TELSAT 2
Contract TELSAT/II/603
Objective - to provide statistical data on peanut and sorghum acreage;
- to evaluate the 4 methods on: accuracy, speed of treatment, level of spatial aggregation and cost;
- to produce land use map.
Method - survey methods are: DIAPER statistical survey based on households, ASF area sampling frame survey, survey of numerical remote sensing data using linear regression estimation and geostatical inference.
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Project Leader: UCL - Georges LemaƮtre Centre for Earth and Climate Research
Location Senegal (Senegal)
Sensors used HRV
Applications Agriculture
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Datasets used SPOT 2 - HRV - 12/10/1992
SPOT 2 - HRV - 12/10/1992