Exploiting very high resolution satellite imagery for coastal and inland water monitoring  (PONDER)

Start-End 01/12/2015 -  30/11/2018
Programme STEREO 3
Contract SR/00/325
Objective European directives require monitoring of inland and coastal waters, which is costly using in situ measurements and infeasible using typical satellite sensors. PONDER will develop an atmospheric correction and processor for aquatic use of very high resolution Pléiades data that will be validated using autonomous data.

Time series of images will be used for specific applications: sediment transport in Belgian ports, and monitoring of a wide range of water bodies in the Grensmaas area. Feasibility of algal bloom detection in inland waters using Pléiades will be assessed, using concurrent satellite imagery and in situ measurements during such a bloom event.

Method An image-based atmospheric correction algorithm will be developed for Pléiades water applications (based on earlier efforts for Landsat-8 and Pléiades data). The atmospheric correction will be integrated in an open source processor.

Pléiades imagery will be acquired concurrent with autonomous in situ measurements and planned in situ campaigns, to evaluate the processor performance and develop new applications.

In situ measurements in inland water bodies will include a.o. pigment analysis and light attenuation and turbidity measurements.


An atmospheric correction for aquatic application of very high resolution satellite imagery.
Very high resolution sediment concentration maps of Belgian ports and French rivers, improving knowledge on small scale sediment transport.
Evaluation and demonstration of remote sensing of small inland water bodies, with time series of concurrent Pléiades images and in situ measurements in the Grensmaas area.


Availability of water quality products at 2.8m spatial resolution for inland waters and coastal sites.
Open source processor for aquatic use of Pléiades data.

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Project Leader: VANHELLEMONT Quinten Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique/Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetensch
Team Member: VYVERMAN Wim UGent - Protistology & Aquatic Ecology Research Group
Team Member: DOXARAN David Laboratoire d Océanographie de Villefranche
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