This page contains a listing of past and current remote sensing projects financed by the Federal Science Policy Office as well as some projects with Belgian participation financed by international bodies.

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GeoRisCa Geo-Risk in Central Africa: integrating multi-hazards and vulnerability to support risk managementSSD»
-"Environmental accounting" of mangrove ecosystemsTELSAT 3»
HABISTATA classification framework for habitat status reporting with remote sensing methods STEREO 2»
-A database and network service for tropical vegetation in Central AfricaTELSAT 3»
GORISKA multi-approach tool for the volcanic risk management of the Goma region (North Kivu)STEREO 2»
-A new compositing method : MC-FUMEVPP»
-A study on the spatial distribution of classification accuracyTELSAT 3»
-Adaptation of the European crop growth monitoring system to the Belgian conditionsTELSAT 4»
-Adaptive model based change detection in temporal SAR satellite image sequencesTELSAT 4»
HYPERFORESTAdvanced airborne hyperspectral remote sensing to support forest managementSTEREO 2»
-Advanced contextual image processing of satellite imagery for land planning and management in cross border areasTELSAT 4»
ASARTECHAdvanced methods for SAR remote-detection processingSTEREO 1»
-Agricultural land inventory in Africa: comparison of 4 different survey methodsTELSAT 2»
-Agricultural production and plant pathologyTELSAT 2»
-Agrohydrology and remote sensingTELSAT 2»
SCHELDTAirborne Hyperspectral Potential for Coastal Biogeochemistry of the Scheldt Estuary and Plume STEREO 1»
SAGALASSOSAirborne Imaging Spectroscopy and Laser Scanning; the Antique Town of Sagalassos and surroudingsSTEREO 1»
MUSARAn Innovation Project on Multistatic Opportunistic SARSTEREO 2»
-Analysis of agro-pastoral systems in regions suffering from environmental degradationTELSAT 2»
EROCROPAnalysis of the crop productivity - soil erosion relationship using hyperspectral dataSTEREO 1»
-Analysis of the interaction between radar retrodiffusion and the state-of-the-ground surfaceTELSAT 3»
APLADYNAnthropogenic and physical landscape dynamics in large fluvial systemsSTEREO 2»
PROBA-VETApplication of high spatial resolution vegetation information for large scale evapotranspiration monitoringPROBA-V»
ECOMALTApplication of machine learning techniques for ecotope classification based on hyperspectral imagesSTEREO 1»
-Application of RS and GIS to assess malaria incidence (Vietnam)TELSAT 3»
TICKRISKAssessing ecological suitability for the spread of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus in West AfricaSTEREO 2»
HYPIAssessment of Isoprene emission by HYperSpectral dataSTEREO 3»
-Assessment of the contribution of the MIR spectral band of SPOT 4 for the mapping of landcover: application to the delineation of built areasTELSAT 4»
ARIOS 1Assisted Land Cover Recognition and Interpretation (phase 1)TELSAT 4»
ARIOS 2Assisted Land Cover Recognition and Interpretation (phase 2)TELSAT 4»
GLOBALWATCHAutomated processing of optical time series for land surface mapping and change detection STEREO 1»
EMSORAutomatic extraction of man-made structures from VHRS optical and radar data for change detectionORFEO»
-Automatic spatial matching of multi sensor dataTELSAT 4»
-Basic and thematic cartography on basis of high and very high resolution multi temporal satellite images for the Kivu area (Congo)TELSAT 4»
BELAIR2013BELAIR2013: Belgian BELAIR supersite and pilot campaignSTEREO 2»
-Belgian and Chinese crop growth monitoring systems: comparison, adaptation and improvementBILATERAL»
BELCAMBELgian collaborative Agriculture Monitoring at parcel level for sustainable cropping systemsSTEREO 3»
-Biogeochemical cycles of Forest Ecosystems Related to Global Change and Sustainable DevelopmentSPSD 1»
BIOHYPEBiomonitoring of urban habitat quality with airborne hyperspectral observationsSTEREO 2»
ECOSAR IIBiophysical characterisation of tropical ecosystems by space borne SAR remote sensingTELSAT 4»
ECOSAR IBiophysical characterisation of tropical ecosystems by spaceborne synthetic aperture radar remote sensingTELSAT 4»
BRADEXBottom Reflectance and Adjacency Experiment for Belgian coastal and inland watersSTEREO 1»
FIRE PROBABurned area mapping and post-fire monitoring of Mediterranean ecosystems using Proba-V imageryPROBA-V»
-Capacity building for sustainable development: establishment and application of a geographical information system to support sustainable coastal zone management in North Vietnam TELSAT 4»
-Cartography of geological structures via RS (Walloon test sites)TELSAT 2»
-Cartography of lowland valleys in Africa via remote sensingTELSAT 2»
-Cartography of microclimatic zones using a DEM made from ERS radar imageryTELSAT 4»
-Catchment scale root zone soil moisture content from satellite radar observations (incl. A module on Geostatistical image processing for upscaling of SAR derived soil moisture patterns)TELSAT 4»
GLOVEGCentre of excellence in remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems dynamicsVGT»
-Change detection in satellite image sequences for Minefield DelineationTELSAT 4»
BUSHTICKChanging farming, bush encroachment, and tick-borne disease risk in southern NorwaySTEREO 2»
-Cities and urban regions in developing countriesTELSAT 2»
-City Promotion : Brussels seen of the sky (site Internet "Bruxelles vue du ciel")TELSAT 4»
-City promotion, seen from spaceTELSAT 4»
-Classification of clouds by visible and IR Meteosat imagesTELSAT 3»
CLIMFISHClimate change impact on the sustainable use of Lake Tanganyika fisheries STEREO 1»
RAPASClose range aerial sensing of soils for improved remote sensing productsSTEREO 3»
URMO3DCombination of satellite raster data and vector data for 3D urban modellingORFEO»
COBIMFOCongo Biodiversity InitiativeSSD»
REFORCHAContinuous satellite-based indicators for mapping subtropical forest degradation and its environmental impactsSTEREO 3»
-Contribution of data from radar and IR sensors for the survey of oceanic coastal phenomenaTELSAT 3»
-Contribution of remote sensing techniques to monitoring and supporting of a durable control of animal trypanosomosis in TogoTELSAT 4»
-Contribution of remote sensing to the organisation of medical assistanceTELSAT 3»
-Contribution of SAR (RADARSAT) and AVNIR (ADEOS) images to the study of bathymetry and wave field in the Bay of Hai Phong (Vietnam)TELSAT 4»
-Contribution of satellite images to the detection and characterisation of frontsystems in the North SeaTELSAT 3»
-Contribution of VHR imagery to the characterisation of population, and more in particular of the carrying capacity for large wild herbivores in the forests of the Walloon region TELSAT 4»
-Correlation between meteomarine data and beach sediments dynamics: contribution of the teledetection (ERS1)TELSAT 2»
-Creation of a VEGETATION compatible NOAA-AVHRR archiveVPP»
-Crop inventory and land use / microwave approachTELSAT 2»
HYPERCRUNCHData analysis in hyperspectral remote sensingSTEREO 1»
-Data processing in the field of coastal zone studiesTELSAT 3»
-Demographic estimates via remote sensing for a pollution impact study in MoroccoTELSAT 2»
-Demonstration of a standard Net Primair Productivity (NPP) product for the VEGETATION instrumentVPP»
-Derivation of land-cover change data and their assimilation in ecosystem models IATELSAT 4»
-Derivation of land-cover change data and their assimilation in ecosystem models IBTELSAT 4»
-Derivation of land-cover change data and their assimilation in ecosystem models IIBTELSAT 4»
-Design and development of a module “spatial RS and urban management” (oriented towards developing countries) in an Arcview-GIS environment.TELSAT 3»
-Design and implementation of an urban geographical information system (Hangzhou) integrating remote sensing techniquesBILATERAL»
MAMASUDetecting man-made structures in urban areas using multi-spectral and geometric classification methods STEREO 1»
CARBISDetecting soil carbon and its spatial variability by Imaging SpectroscopySTEREO 1»
-Detecting zooplankton streaks in salt lakes using high resolution water surface colour processingTELSAT 4»
ASSIMIVDetection and description of geographical objects by matrix and vector information assimilationORFEO»
CHADEDétection de changements pour la mise à jour de bases de données vectorielles par classification ORFEO»
CONTAMDetection of contaminants in solid matrices and plants using hyperspectral CASI2-SWIR images STEREO 1»
DIARSDetection of invasive plant species and assessment of their impact on ecosystem properties through remote sensing (partim remote sensing)STEREO 3»
-Detection of pullulation centres of Ips typographus in the mined forests of Bosnia-HerzegovinaTELSAT 4»
-Detection of sea bottom topography on the Belgian continental platformTELSAT 3»
-Detection of soil moisture by remote sensing and prone karst collapse areas (Tournaisis)TELSAT 4»
-Determination and updating of conurbation boundariesTELSAT 3»
-Determination of spatial characteristics of soil moisture in rural areas by means of ERS1/2 and JERS SAR data and hydrologic modellingTELSAT 3»
-Development and launching at the national scale of a multi uses database combining aerial photographs and satellite imageryTELSAT 4»
CALAKMULDevelopment and use of a 4D Geographic Information System to support the conservation of the Calakmul site (Mexico)WHP»
-Development of a baseline information system as a supporting tool for forest management planning using RS en GIS techniques. Case study: Kayan Mentarang Reserve (Kalimantan)TELSAT 3»
-Development of a basis information layer for the monitoring and cartography of a rural area in FlandersTELSAT 3»
-Development of a decision tool based upon the use of remote sensing and GIS for the site planning and the management of refugees camps taking into account the environment.TELSAT 4»
-Development of a forage production forecasting system (quantity and quality) in support of a foodstrategy on scale of the agriculture regionTELSAT 4»
-Development of a modular professional educational programme for 'inventarisation and monitoring of natural resources by means of earth observation in general and VGT data in particular'VPP»
ENDELEODevelopment of a remote sensing derived tool to assess the impact of conservation policy measures and drought on East African ecosystemsSTEREO 2»
-Development of a soil moisture SAR inversion modelTELSAT 3»
ECOSEGDevelopment of a spatio-temporal segmentation algorithm for satellite time series to monitor forest conditionSTEREO 2»
-Development of a spectrometerTELSAT 2»
-Development of an assisting system for the integration of SAR and InSAR images for the Belgian Ministry of AgricultureTELSAT 4»
-Development of an educational photogrammetric package for digital aerial photographs and satellite imagesBILATERAL»
-Development of an electromagnetic inversion model for forestsTELSAT 3»
UNESCO-WATCHDevelopment of an operational remote sensing monitoring system for the UNESCO World Heritage tropical forest sitesSTEREO 2»
-Development of assimilation schemes for soil moisture profiles using remotely sensed dataTELSAT 4»
Be-REDD-IDevelopment of Belgian REDD Informations Systems Be-REDD-ISSD»
HYPERTEACHDevelopment of didactical material on Imaging spectroscopySTEREO 1»
DRONESEDDrone-based Sediment Mapping for Dredging operationsSTEREO 3»
GroWaDRISKDrought-related vulnerability and risk assessment of groundwater resources in BelgiumSSD»
DYNMAPDynamic predictive mapping using multi-sensor data fusion - demonstration for malaria vector habitatSTEREO 2»
BEL-GOYADynamics of river plumes from MERIS, MODIS and GOCI ocean colour dataSTEREO 2»
ADASCISEarth Observation to support Agricultural Damages Assessment System in Crop Insurance SchemesSTEREO 2»
-Economical study considering the Belgian Remote Sensing Market developmentTELSAT 4»
PROBASIM-LUCEffectiveness for Land Use Change Detection based on Proba V Simulated DataPROBA-V»
-Environmental risk mapping in the Wadi Mujib-canyon (Jordan), based on Russian stereoscope KFA-350 satellite imageryTELSAT 4»
EO_Regions!EO_Regions!_ScienceSTEREO 3»
-ERS 1 demonstration and evaluation of radar interferometryTELSAT 3»
-ERS 1 monitoring of forest resourcesTELSAT 3»
-ERS1 & SPOT contribution to morphologic and bathymetric study of the North Sea and the Scheldt estuaryTELSAT 3»
-ERS1 SAR application potential to flood monitoring in the Walloon regionTELSAT 3»
OMEstimation of the superficial organic matter content of soilsSTEREO 1»
-Evaluation of the potential contribution of SAR imagery to forestry applications and of its complementarity with optical satellite imagery in Costa RicaTELSAT 2»
EVA-3MEvapotranspiration: Monitoring at high resolution with MSG and Moderate resolution satellitesSTEREO 2»
-Experimental studies of atmospheric changesSPSD 1»
PONDERExploiting very high resolution satellite imagery for coastal and inland water monitoring STEREO 3»
FLOODMOISTFlood mapping and soil moisture retrieval for improved water managementSTEREO 2»
FRAC-WECOFlux-based Risk Assessment of the Impact of Contaminants on Water resources and EcosystemsSSD»
-Forecasting of available forage in quantity and quality for the establishment of a feeding strategy at the farm and regional scaleTELSAT 4»
FORECASTForest Cartography using very high resolution SaTellite dataSTEREO 1»
-Forest classification, weed biomass production and phytosanitary conditions of forestsTELSAT 2»
FM@PROBA-VForest Cover change monitoring with PROBA-V: Potentials and limitations on European TerrainPROBA-V»
-Fundamental GIS research: error modelling in GISTELSAT 3»
-Geocoding SPOT XS image coverage of Belgium: evaluation and optimisation of rectification proceduresTELSAT 3»
GEOSUCCESSGeosuccess Service CentreVGT»
-Ghent seen from space: an extension of the website of the city GhentTELSAT 4»
GLOBAMGlobal Agricultural Monitoring systems by integration of earth observation and modelling techniquesSTEREO 2»
-Global scale biome classification and estimation of biome proportions using VEGETATION dataTELSAT 4»
HIWETHigh-resolution modelling and monitoring of water and energy transfers in wetland ecosystemsSTEREO 3»
HYECOHydro-ecological modelling supported by spectral directional imagingSTEREO 1»
HYPERMAQHyperspectral and multi-mission high resolution optical remote sensing of aquatic environmentsSTEREO 3»
HYPERCITYHyperspectral biomonitoring: air quality and the citySTEREO 3»
WALMETHyperspectral characterisation of lead dispersal from abandoned metalliferous mining in Wales, UKSTEREO 1»
HYNIMHyperspectral derived nitrogen indicators for maize cropSTEREO 1»
MOISGRADHyperspectrale teledetectie van vochtgradiënten: de invloed van infiltratie- en kwelgebiedenSTEREO 1»
HYPERMIXHyperspectral-hyperspatial data fusion and unmixing techniques to tackle the spectral-spatial resolution trade-offSTEREO 2»
-Identification of flooded areas with ERS-1 SAR imagery (Walloon Region)TELSAT 2»
-Imaging radar for mapping and monitoring of wetland ecosystems in the Chad BasinTELSAT 4»
-Implementation of a www site presenting Liège viewed from space using satellite imageryTELSAT 4»
ECOPROPHETImproved Ecosystem Productivity Modeling by Innovative Algorithms and Remotely Sensed Phenology IndicatorsSTEREO 3»
SENSARImprovement of remote sensing products for soil moisture using ground-penetrating radarSTEREO 2»
HYDRAS+Improving drought monitoring through assimilating multi-source remote sensing observations in hydrologic modelsSTEREO 3»
EPIDEMOISTImproving epidemiological modelling using satellite derived soil moisture proxiesSTEREO 2»
SPIDERImproving spatial information extraction for local and regional decision makers using very-high-resolution remotely sensed data STEREO 1»
IPOTIndustrial potato monitoring for the Belgian potato sectorSTEREO 3»
-Information driven registration of very high resolution imagery for the update of road databasesTELSAT 4»
-Information extraction for the Tele Atlas "Street Network Database" using KOSMOS satellite imagesTELSAT 3»
MINPACTInformation service from hyperspectral techniques for Environmental Impact Assessment of Mining and Industrial Activities STEREO 1»
SYGIAP -IInformation System and Mapping of the five World Heritage Sites in the Democratic Republic of the CongoWHP»
-InSAR Baseline Combination for Topographical Phase Reference GenerationTELSAT 4»
-Installation of a WWW server on Belnet for the vulgarisation of the use of SPOT imagesTELSAT 3»
-Integrated information system for the hydrological management in the Walloon region: digital cartography, use of satellite imagery and modellingTELSAT 3»
-Integrated modelling of the hydrological cycle in a view of climate changeSPSD 1»
HYDRASENSIntegrating radar remote sensing, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for surface water managementSTEREO 2»
VEGECLIMIntegrating SPOT-VEGETATION 10-yr Time Series and Land-Surface Modelling to Forecast the Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics in a Changing ClimateSTEREO 2»
-Integration of Ikonos data with existing data sources to monitor local impacts of rapid human disturbances and natural hazardsTELSAT 4»
INSHOREIntegration of optical and acoustic remote sensing data over the backshore-foreshore-nearshore continuum, a case study in OostendeSTEREO 2»
-Integration of very high resolution satellite imagery within the cartographic channels of the Walloon Region: change detection on numeric orthophoto maps TELSAT 4»
-Interferometry radar: MNT and geodesy. Three complementary approaches for the neotectonic study an the evaluation of seismic risksTELSAT 3»
-Inventorying (un)built areas based on very high resolution satellite imagery, A quality controlled, integrated methodology adapted to Flanders' land planning and management policyTELSAT 4»
-Investigation by satellite imagery of parameters determining the vulnerability of dykes in VietnamTELSAT 4»
JELLYFORJellyfish forecasting service based on Earth ObservationSTEREO 2»
-Land cover changes in Africa : Multitemporal change vector analysis at coarse scale and change processes categorisation with high spatial resolution dataVPP»
-Land degradation in the dry tropicsTELSAT 3»
-Land-cover classification and estimation of land-cover proportions at a global scaleTELSAT 4»
-Landscape ecological mapping based on Landsat and SPOT imageryTELSAT 3»
-Landscape typologyTELSAT 2»
BIOPRESSLinking Pan-European Land Cover Change to Pressures on BiodiversitySTEREO 1»
-Lithologic and mineral identificationTELSAT 2»
-Main ecological and agricultural networksTELSAT 3»
-Management of forage resources and fires in extensive cattle breeding in natural savannahsTELSAT 4»
MAMAFORESTManaging Mangrove Forests with Optical and Radar Environmental SaTellitesSTEREO 3»
HYSARMan-made object classification using fused polarimetric SAR and hyperspectral imagery dataSTEREO 1»
-Mapping and modelling of temporal and bio-physical phenomena of the sahelian wetlands environment using VEGETATION dataVPP»
ESSENSEMapping regulating Ecosystem Services using remote SENSing imagErySTEREO 2»
MAMUDMeasuring and modeling urban dynamics: impact on quality of life and hydrologySTEREO 2»
TIRISMeasuring chemical pollutant gases in the port of Antwerp using imaging spectroscopySTEREO 1»
-Methodological contribution to the interpretation of VGT data for multifarious, rugged countrysides and operational implementation in Central-Eastern Africa.TELSAT 4»
-Methodological development of cartographic applicationsTELSAT 2»
-Microwaves and soil moistureTELSAT 2»
HYPERPEACHModeling biochemical processes in orchards at leaf- and canopy-level using hyperspectral data STEREO 1»
MAUPPModelling and forecasting African Urban Population Patterns for vulnerability and health assessmentsSTEREO 3»
STEREOCROPModelling crop growth based on hydrology and assimilation of remotely sensed dataSTEREO 1»
-Modelling of land degradation via artificial neural networksTELSAT 3»
-Modelling of satellite information for regional management planningTELSAT 3»
-Monitoring disturbance patches and post-disturbance succession of natural vegetation in southern AfricaVPP»
MICASMonitoring Inland and Coastal waters with the APEX Sensor STEREO 2»
MIMOMonitoring melt where Ice Meets OceanSTEREO 3»
-Monitoring natural disasters and ‘hot spots’ of land-cover change with SPOT VEGETATION data to assess regions at risk and vulnerabilityVPP»
KABARMonitoring of coral reef in view of sustainable island development. Case study using hyperspectral remote sensing: Fordate, Tanimbar, IndonesiaSTEREO 1»
MORECAMonitoring of large scale small holder reforestation projects for carbon finance mechanismsSTEREO 2»
-Monitoring of the actual evapo-transpiration, estimated by satellite imageryTELSAT 2»
MOCAMOnitoring soil organic CArbon in croplands using Imaging SpectroscopySTEREO 2»
SAGRIWATELMonitoring the status of the Walloon agriculture with remote sensing STEREO 1»
-Monitoring the wintering biotopes of birds in the Flemish PoldersTELSAT 2»
MUZUBIMUlti Zone phase Unwrapping using advanced Split Band InterferometrySTEREO 3»
GEMITORMultimodal Georeferencing of 3D VHR Optical and X-band SAR ImageryORFEO»
MULTITICKMultiscale and multisensor modeling of the spatial distribution of tick-borne diseasesSTEREO 2»
-Multispectral satellite observations and mechanistic vegetation models connected to the global carbon cycleTELSAT 3»
HYPERTEMPMultitemporal monitoring of fruit orchard vitality with multisensor Belair dataSTEREO 3»
-Multitemporal SAR data for crop monitoring – signal modelling and analysis of biophysical variables dynamicTELSAT 3»
VEGEMIXMulti-temporal Unmixing of Mixed Vegetation Systems: a Focus on Invasive Plant Species MonitoringSTEREO 2»
-Natural risk evaluation by using RS : ERS data lineaments research in the Pastaza Basin EcuadorTELSAT 3»
BUMBANO2 population Exposure Mapping based on APEX hyperspectral DataSTEREO 3»
HISMACObject-based segmentation and biophysical characterization of saltmarsh vegetation using hyperspectral AHS imagery STEREO 1»
-Observation of the Equatorial forest with ERS-1 SARTELSAT 3»
-Operational assessment of actual evapotranspiration from METEOSAT dataTELSAT 3»
-Operational exploitation of the SPOT-VEGETATION image processing centreVPP»
ORMESOperational Remote sensing Mapping of Estuarine suspended Sediment concentrationsSTEREO 1»
BELCOLOUROptical remote detection of coastal watersSTEREO 1»
BELCOLOUR-2Optical remote sensing of marine, coastal and inland watersSTEREO 2»
-Optical remote sensing support for a coastal zone Environmental Impact studyTELSAT 4»
-Paleogeographic map of Malian Sahara on basis of NOAA satellite imageryTELSAT 2»
SAT-EXPast climate extremes and their impact on the terrestrial carbon cycleSTEREO 3»
PARADISPlanning, assistance and research activities for demining, based on images from the satelliteTELSAT 4»
INPLANTPlant Optical Types to Predict Ecosystem Impacts of Plant InvasionsSTEREO 3»
POLINSARPolarimetric SAR InterferometrySTEREO 1»
POPSATERPopulation estimation by remote sensingSTEREO 2»
-Poster Across AfricaTELSAT 4»
-Poster Deserts of the worldTELSAT 4»
-Poster Silk RoadsTELSAT 4»
-Potential integration of VEGETATION data in early warning systems used in the Sahel regionTELSAT 4»
-Potential use of ERS-SAR.PRI data to discriminate natural and degraded woody vegetation types in Central AfricaTELSAT 3»
-Potentials of very high resolution remotely sensed imagery for the elaboration and the update of "Large Scale Digital Mapping"TELSAT 4»
GEOCOLOURPreparation for Geostationary Ocean ColourSTEREO 2»
PEACHZPROBA-V Evaluation of Accuracy Characteristics in Heterogeneous Zones PROBA-V»
PROBA4COASTProba-V for total suspended matter and turbidity retrieval in coastal areasSTEREO 3»
-Processes of desertification : soil dynamics and geomorphologyTELSAT 2»
-Processes of desertification : types of vegetation and their evolutionTELSAT 2»
-Production of a land cover map of Central Africa derived from SPOT4 – VGT DataTELSAT 4»
-Project UN Map : speedy cartography of areas under Belgian responsibilityTELSAT 3»
VAL3DPromotion of research in the area of 3D extraction and the use of satellite data along with other spatially-referenced dataORFEO»
-Recent ENSO and Paleo-ENSO of the last 1000 years in lake TanganyikaSPSD 1»
RE-COLOURReconstruction of colour schemesSTEREO 2»
-Region-specific optical remote sensing for coastal zone applicationsTELSAT 4»
RIMSReliable Image Management Systems in support of urban and disaster managementSTEREO 2»
ReMEDyRemote Monitoring of tropical Ecosystem DynamicsSTEREO 2»
WHPRemote Sensing and GIS in Support of World Heritage ConservationWHP»
-Remote sensing and hydrological modelling for land and water resources management in the Karst regions of Guizhou provinceBILATERAL»
-Remote sensing and land information systemsTELSAT 2»
BLUETONGUERemote sensing and risk assessment of vector transmitted diseases: bluetongue STEREO 1»
-Remote Sensing and soil moisture assessment for karst collapse prevention (tournaisis)TELSAT 4»
RESISTREmote Sensing ans In Situ detection and Tracking of geohazardsSTEREO 3»
ASIMUDRemote Sensing Data Assimilation in Modelling of Urban DynamicsSTEREO 2»
ALGASEDRemote sensing for characterization of intertidal sediments and microphytobenthic algaeSTEREO 2»
REACTRemote sensing for Epidemiology in African CiTiesSTEREO 3»
RESORTREmote sensing for Seasonal and Overseas Retrieval of Total suspended MatterSTEREO 2»
RANGELANDRemote sensing in evaluating the environmental impact of rangeland managementSTEREO 1»
-Remote sensing of land-cover change: investigation and design of a dynamic monitoring system in northwest ChinaBILATERAL»
FOMORemote sensing of the forest transition and its ecosystem impacts in mountain environmentsSTEREO 2»
HEATHRECOVERRemote sensing support to assist ecological restoration management after heathland firesSTEREO 2»
EPI STISRemote Sensing tools to study the EPIdemiology and Space/TIme DynamicS of diseasesSTEREO 2»
-Research on the capabilities of ERS-SAR for monitoring of land use changes in the NeotropicsTELSAT 3»
RE-LEARNRe-using field reference data in space and time for vegetation mapping: the potential of semisupervised and active LEARNing techniquesSTEREO 2»
RIREMORiparian Remote Monitoring for river management in WalloniaSTEREO 3»
-RS in an integrated system for agriculture management and controlTELSAT 3»
-SAR image rectification using an interferometric DEMTELSAT 3»
STEM-VGTSatellite measurements and terrestrial ecosystem modelling using VEGETATION instrumentVPP»
-Scientific and economic evaluation of Spot VEGETATION useVPP»
-Sea bottom topography mapping of the Belgian continental shelfTELSAT 2»
-Sediment transport and dynamics of the coastline (Vietnam)TELSAT 3»
-Sensitivity analysis of compositing strategies : modelling and experimental investigationsVPP»
SUGRESServices for Urban Green Monitoring using Remote Sensing STEREO 1»
SABRESServices to Agribusiness by Remote SensingTELSAT 4»
-SG observations and geodynamicsBILATERAL»
SIDSATSIDSAT: Using the ‘magic’ of satellite images as support for education: Understanding climate change effects on Small Island Developing States (SIDS)STEREO 2»
-Software development for image-processingTELSAT 2»
-Soil salinity and waterlogging in agricultural landsTELSAT 3»
SPRINTSPaceborne Radar INterferometric Techniques for Humanitarian Demining Land ReleaseSTEREO 2»
-Spatial analysis and modelling of deforestation processes in Southern CameroonTELSAT 3»
URBANSpatial information extraction for urban regions based on hyperspectral dataSTEREO 1»
SMARTPOPSpatially plan the population growth in Wallonia and, in particular, in Liege for shaping the Smart CitiesSTEREO 3»
-Stimulation of cluster formation with a view to developing the Belgian market in earth observation applicationsTELSAT 4»
-Stimulation of the formation of a cluster as regards earth observation for environmental applications of SPOT-Vegetation data with a view to promoting development of the earth observation market in BelgiumTELSAT 4»
Vi-XStudy and monitoring of Virunga volcanoes using Tandem-XSTEREO 2»
-Study of altimetric and scatterometric responses to non-fully developed seasTELSAT 3»
-Study of cloud-dependent bi-directional reflection functions and directional emission functions by collocation of Meteosat and ScaRaB pixelsTELSAT 3»
-Study of river plume fronts by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SARr) imagery with application to the Rhine – Meuse plumeTELSAT 3»
-Study of sediment plumes in large deltasystems by groundtruth and remote sensing dataTELSAT 4»
-Study of the dispersion of fresh water (from the Scheldt and the Rhine/Meuse) by the interpretation of images from NOAA AVHRR, ERS-1/2 ATSR and ERS-1/2 SARTELSAT 3»
-Study of the microwave signature of bare soils with regard to soil moistureTELSAT 3»
-Study of Wilderness areas in and around national parks of north BotswanaTELSAT 2»
BEETPHENSugar beet phenotyping in breeding trials using UAVSTEREO 3»
ENDELEO/OPSSupport to remote sensing based services in Kenya to assess the impact of conservation policy measures and drought on East African ecosystems STEREO 2»
-Surface soil moisture from SSM/I ImageryTELSAT 4»
SYNOPRASynergy of very high resolution optical and radar data in forest mapping and inventoryORFEO»
SATHELISynergy of very high resolution satellite and helicopter data for the spatio‐temporal characterisation of small water body dynamicsSTEREO 2»
-Technico-economical feasibility of the commercialisation of an instrument (C-fix) for the calculation of the net carbon exchange with the atmosphere in the frame of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC)TELSAT 4»
VITALTeledetection of vitality in perennial plantsSTEREO 1»
-Terrestrial tides and movement of the pole BILATERAL»
-The agricultural inventory of Belgium in 1992TELSAT 2»
-The carbon cycle and the future level of atmospheric CO2SPSD 1»
FLOODMAPThe development of an operational system to support Flanders flood prevention policy STEREO 1»
PROSOILThe evaluation of forthcoming satellites for mapping topsoil organic carbon in croplands STEREO 3»
GISproblemThe GIS problem detectorSTEREO 1»
-The multicoloured North SeaTELSAT 4»
RAGALIRSThe Raganello catchment: airborne imaging spectroscopy and laser scanning as an aid for archaeological research and site reconstructionSTEREO 2»
-The study of salt intrusion land use and rice yield in the coastal plain of the Mekong delta (Vietnam) based upon field work, remote sensing and GISTELSAT 4»
-The use of SPOT imagery to monitor the plant Chromolena and to evaluate biodiversity in African forests with SPOTTELSAT 3»
-The use of very high resolution data for the monitoring of vegetation and water urban areasTELSAT 4»
SOC3DThree dimensional soil organic carbon monitoring using VNIR reflectance spectroscopic techniquesSTEREO 2»
TIDESEDTime-dependent changes in the optical properties of sediments detected with remote sensing STEREO 1»
-TREES-program: "Tropical forest experiment for seasonality modelling of the tropical forest"TELSAT 3»
-TREES-program: 'Relation between the architecture of tropical forest and its spectral signature at different spatial resolutions'TELSAT 3»
-Tropical forest monitoring and managementTELSAT 3»
U-TurnUnderstanding Turning Points in Dryland Ecosystem FunctioningSTEREO 3»
-Updating of a forest databaseBILATERAL»
-Updating of road mapsTELSAT 3»
-Updating of topographic maps by using KOSMOS and SPOT imageryBILATERAL»
ETATSUpdating rate assessment system of topo-geographical data using space remote sensing STEREO 1»
-Upscaling of field-measured biophysical variables to remote sensing time series using geostatisticsTELSAT 3»
URBANEARSUrban Ecosystem Analysis supported by Remote sensingSTEREO 3»
-Urban growthTELSAT 2»
VALI-URBUrban sprawl and ecological corridors: Consolidation of VHRS remote sensing methodsSTEREO 2»
GRASSUse of hyperspectral measurements to characterise the vegetation of permanent prairiesSTEREO 1»
-Use of optical and SAR satellite imagery for archaeological researchTELSAT 3»
-Use of Remote Sensing Technology for the search of copper deposits in Henan provinceBILATERAL»
-Use of remotely satellite data for the decennial updating of the statistical sector division of BelgiumTELSAT 4»
-Use of satellite imagery for the monitoring of elements and structure of the landscape for regional planningTELSAT 3»
-Use of satellite imagery to reduce the risks of flooding in the Ourthe river valleyTELSAT 4»
-Use of satellite images and GIS for project- and impactstudies of the NGO OXFAMTELSAT 3»
-Use of very high resolution imagery for control and updating of legal land occupation maps in urban areasTELSAT 4»
-Validation and improvement of the quality of the operational wave prediction model mu-wave by the use of ERS-1 satellite dataTELSAT 3»
HYPERWAVEValidation of classification techniques developed in Hypercrunch project under various conditions STEREO 1»
-Validation of radar interferometry applied to JERS-1 and RADARSATTELSAT 4»
HYPERKARTVegetatiekartering d.m.v. hyperspectrale vliegtuigopnamen, toegepast op dynamische duingebieden, slikken en schorrenSTEREO 1»
-VEGETATION contribution to the desert locust monitoringVPP»
-VEGETATION data for monitoring woody vegetation in European landscape frameworksVPP»
STR3SVegetation stress from satellite observations of fluorescenceSTEREO 3»
-Volcanic hazard mapping in the Bulusan volcano area, Sorsogon ProvinceBILATERAL»
WAVARSWeb-based assessment of operator performance and variability in remote sensing image analysis STEREO 2»
WWWWorld Wide Watch by Earth Observation ServicesSTEREO 2»
WWW2World Wide Watch by Earth Observation Services - Phase IISTEREO 2»