This page contains a listing of presentations held at various remote sensing events organised by the Federal Science Policy Office.

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BEODay 2016 - 00. Programme08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 01. LUMOS: Unlocking STEREO’s algorithms with QGIS plugins08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 02. BELCAM: Sentinels exploitation to support Belgian farmers thanks to a collaborative platform08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 03. HIWET: High-resolution modelling and monitoring of water and energy transfers in wetland ecosystems08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 04. HYDRAS +: Assimilating multi-source remote sensing data into large-scale land surface models for improved drought monitoring08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 05. HYPERCITY: Air quality biomonitoring in cities: a hyperspectral approach08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 06. MAUPP: Mapping and modelling urban patterns in sub-Saharan Africa through remote sensing and data fusion08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 08. SAT-EX: Sensing the impact of global climate and climate extremes on vegetation08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 09. URBANEARS: Urban ecosystem analysis supported by remote sensing08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 10. IPOT: An innovative platform for the Belgian potato sector08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 11. Big data analytics for Earth observation: what are the opportunities?08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 12. HYPERTEMP: Multitemporal monitoring of fruit orchard vitality with multisensor Belair data08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 13. INPLANT: Plant optical types to predict ecosystem impacts of plant invasions08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 14. HYPI: Assessment of isoprene emission by hyperspectral data08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 15. MAMA-FOREST: Mapping mangrove forests with optical and radar environmental satellites08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 16. MUZUBI: MUlti zone phase unwrapping using advanced split band interferometry08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 17. PONDER: Aquatic applications of very high resolution imagery from the Pléiades constellation08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 18. PROBA4COAST: Coastal turbidity monitoring with Proba-V08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 19. PROSOIL: Soil organic carbon prediction in croplands by airborne APEX images using LUCAS topsoil database08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 20. RAPAS: Close range aerial sensing of soils for improved remote sensing products08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 21. STR3S: Can satellite-observed fluorescence be used to map transpiration?08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 22. BUMBA: Belgian urban NO2 monitoring based on APEX hyperspectral data08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 23. DRONESED: Drone-based sediment mapping for dredging operations08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 24. DIARS: Mapping, modelling and assessing the impact of invasive plant species on ecosystems through remote sensing08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BEODay 2016 - 25. The STEREO programme: the latest news08/12/2016BEODay 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 0. Programme08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 1. BELAIR introduction08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 2. DEMMIN08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 3. Sentinel Products Data Quality08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 4. Belair 2015 project08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 5. The Litora Site08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 6. The Hesbania Site08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 7. The Sonia Site08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BELAIR 2016 - 8. BelSAR08/11/2016BELAIR 2016»
BSRS 00. Programme25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 01. The Copernicus Programme25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 02. The Sentinel 2 Mission Status25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 03. The Sentinel 3 Mission Status25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 04. Data Access25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 05. Challenges for Monitoring the Continental Ecosystems in the Copernicus Global Land Service25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 06. Integration of Sentinel 3 Data in CMEMS25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 07. Applications of Sentinel-2 and 3 in coastal waters and ocean colour25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 08. Sentinel-2 for Industrial Potato Monitoring25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 09. Talking Fields25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 10. Use of Copernicus Land Monitoring Service25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 11. Sentinel-2 for Agriculture25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 12. Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of Deforestation25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 13. Big data to support European policy25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 14. The Game Changer for Biodiversity25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
BSRS 15. Monitoring Urban Areas25/10/2016BSRS 2016»
DSRS 00. Dark Side of remote Sensing Invitation09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 01. Welcome Address (BELSPO)09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 02. Welcome Address (D.Derauw)09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 03. Keynote 1 - Copernicus: A New Generation of Data Sources09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 04. Keynote 2 - Satellite radar interferometry for operational geodesy: a SWOT analysis09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 05. InSAR Developments in Belgium09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 06. Classical InSAR: example of application in various volcanic and tectonic contexts09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 07. SAR-based monitoring of grasslands09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 08. Overview of the ground movements highlighted by the Persistent Scatterer Technique (PSI) in Belgium09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 09. InSAR time series: the SBAS/PSI time series approach to study landslide movements09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 10. Advanced multidimensional high spationtemporal resolution DInSAR time series analysis applied to ground deformation...09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 11. InSAR and Antarctic ice dynamics09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
DSRS 12. Round Table09/12/2015DSRS 2015»
0. Happy Bearthday - Introduction17/09/2015Happy BEarthday 2015»
1. Remote Sensing………………in the beginning and later17/09/2015Happy BEarthday 2015»
2. Socializing the pixel: A short history17/09/2015Happy BEarthday 2015»
3. Join the Open EO Science (R)evolution?17/09/2015Happy BEarthday 2015»
4. Unleashing the Power of Earth Observations17/09/2015Happy BEarthday 2015»
5. The Future of Remote Sensing17/09/2015Happy BEarthday 2015»
01. Space4Food Programme11/06/2015Space4Food»
03. Challenges to feed the world: Role of satellite data for emergencies and early warnings11/06/2015Space4Food»
04. Space for Food Security11/06/2015Space4Food»
05. Using remote sensing for detecting the global impact of climate extremes on vegetation and improving drought monitoring programs11/06/2015Space4Food»
06. Global Mapping of Crop Area in support to Food Security Analysis using “Free and open” satellite imagery11/06/2015Space4Food»
07. The Use of Remote Sensing Data to Monitor the Impact of Agricultural Intensification at Global Scale11/06/2015Space4Food»
08. Regional crop & irrigation monitoring: some examples of (new) opportunities11/06/2015Space4Food»
09. Why tonight will change agriculture monitoring in the world?11/06/2015Space4Food»
10. Industrial Potato monitoring for the Belgian potato sector (iPot)11/06/2015Space4Food»
11. Agro-ecosystems mapping by low cost photogrammetry, based on UAVs11/06/2015Space4Food»
12. Today's Technology for Tomorrow's Farmer11/06/2015Space4Food»
13. Remote monitoring of orchards: possibilities and limitations11/06/2015Space4Food»
14. Soil moisture mapping using ground-penetrating radar as a pillar to sustainable and optimal environmental and agricultural management11/06/2015Space4Food»
01 Workshop Programme20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
02 Flemish Region (AGIV) "Image Archiving and Processing Chain GDI-Flanders, catalyzing innovation in operations"20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
03 Walloon Region (SPW) "Remote Sensing in Support of Public Service of Wallonia Activities"20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
04 Brussels Region (BRIC) "3D modeling of buildings in Brussels -Capital Region by combining stereoscopic images with LiDAR and vector data"20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
05 Remote Sensing Companies: Eurosense20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
06 Remote Sensing Companies: Nazka Maps20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
07 Remote Sensing Companies: GIM20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
08 Remote Sensing Companies: Walphot20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
09 Remote Sensing Companies: Avia-GIS20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
10 SAOCOM-CS20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
11 STEREO Toolbox20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
12 European Science Foundation20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
13 small project: BESST20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
14 small project: ESSENSE20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
15 small project: FLOODMOIST20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
16 small project: GRAZEO20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
17 small project: RELEARN20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
18 small project: SATHELI20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
19 small project: SEASWIR20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
20 small project: SENSAR20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
21 small project: VALIURB20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
22 small project: Vi-X20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
23 STEREO II evaluation20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
24 thematic network project: APLADYN20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
24b thematic network project: ANAGHLIA20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
25 thematic network project: BIOHYPE20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
26 thematic network project: FOMO20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
28 thematic network project: VEGECLIM20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
29 STEREO III Programme (adaptation)20/11/2014BEODay 2014»
27 thematic network project: HYPERFOREST19/11/2014BEODay 2014»
0.00 Belgian Earth Observation Days 2013 - Programme19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
0.01 Evaluation of the STEREO II Programme19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
0.02 The STEREO III Programme - 1st Call for Proposals19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.01 Uncertainty analysis and data-assimilation of remote sensing data for the calibration of CA-based land-use models (ASIMUD)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.02 Preparation for Geostationary Ocean Colour (GEOCOLOUR)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.03 High resolution merged satellite sea surface temperature fields (HiSea)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.04 Hyperspectral-hyperspatial fusion and unmixing techniques to tackle the spectral-spatial resolution trade-off (HYPERMIX)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.05 Small scale reforestation in eastern DRC: the role of remote sensing in the REDD+ mechanisms (MORECA)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.06 Three Dimensional Soil Organic Carbon Mapping Using VNIR Reflectance Spectrometry (SOC 3D)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.07 Risk modelling for an invasive tick in Benin (TICKRISK)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.08 An automated workflow targeting a pre-operational alert system in UNESCO WH sites (UNESCO-WATCH)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.09 Remote Mapping of Invasive Tree Species in Hawaiian Rainforests: Demonstrating the Potential of Hyperspectral Time Series (VEGEMIX)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
1.10 The BELAIR 2013 Campaign19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
2.01 The use of remote sensing and agrometeorological modelling for crop monitoring, damage and risk assessment in Belgium (ADASCIS)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
2.02 Improving epidemiological modelling using satellite derived soil moisture proxies (EPIDEMOIST)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
2.03 Deriving water quality from APEX imagery (MICAS)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
2.04 Improvements of population estimate using remote sensing techniques for urban and rural areas (POPSATER)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
2.05 Operator performance in remote sensing image analysis: the impact of human and external factors (WAVARS)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
3.01 Dynamics of river plumes from MERIS, MODIS and GOCI data (BEL-GOYA)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
3.02 Changing farming, bush encroachment, and tick-borne disease risk in southern Norway (BUSHTICK)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
3.03 Monitoring evapotranspiration at high resolution with MSG and moderate resolution satellites (EVA-3M)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
3.04 Biodiversity Patterns Along a Climate Gradient in Panama (REMEDY)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
3.05 SPaceborne Radar INterferometric Techniques for Humanitarian Demining Land Release (SPRINT)19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
4.01 Recent advances in the developments of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for environmental mapping and monitoring19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
4.02 Belgian approach related to remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) and their insertion into non-segregated airspace19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
4.03 Trimble UX5 - demoflight19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
4.04 UAV: Overview of systems, applications and processing19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
4.05 Drone Image Processing to Detect Small Water Body Dynamics for Fasciola Risk Modelling19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
4.06 Using unmanned aerial systems for the monitoring of Belgium forests19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
4.07The Belgian Unmanned Aircraft System association: an overview.19/11/2013BEODay 2013»
ANAGHLIA - Integrated processing and ground truthing of hyperspectral and LiDAR images in Archaeology05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
Belgian Earth Observation Day 2012 - Introduction05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
BIOHYPE - Chlorophyll fluorescence of urban vegetation in relation to traffic exposure: a novel biomonitoring approach05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
Call for support to Stereo III05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
ESSENSE - Mapping regulating Ecosystem Services using remote SENSing imagEry05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
FLOODMOIST - Flood mapping and soil moisture retrieval for improved water management05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
HEATHRECOVER - Remote sensing support to assist ecological restoration management after heathland fires05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
HYDRASENS - Optimizing a coupled hydrologic-hydraulic model using remotely sensed soil moisture and flood extents05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
HYPERFOREST - Advanced airborne hyperspectral remote sensing to support forest management05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
RE-LEARN - RE-using field reference data in space and time for vegetation mapping: the potential of semisupervised and active LEARNing techniques05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
SATHELI - Spatio-temporal characterisation of small water bodies using very high resolution satellite and helicopter imagery05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
SEASWIR - Remote sensing of turbid waters. A closer look at the SWIR05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
The World Wide Watch project experience05/09/2012BEODay 2012»
APEX and LiDAR remote sensing supporting fine-scale forest management04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
APEX for heathland and coastal vegetation monitoring applications: first results and ongoing activities 04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
APEX Sensor and Data Calibration, Flight operations and Higher Level Processing04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
Improved target detection in urban area using combined LiDAR and APEX data04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
Introduction04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
Littoral bottom mapping and water constituent retrieval in lakes using APEX data, the bio-optical model BOMBER and submersed artificial surfaces04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
Mapping the spatial variability of optical properties in Mantua lakes with the APEX sensor04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
MICAS - Deriving inland water quality from APEX imagery: Challenges and opportunities04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
SOC3D - Three dimensional soil organic carbon monitoring using VNIR reflectance spectrometry04/09/2012BruHyp 2012»
APEX – Airborne Prism Experiment25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
ASIMUD - Remote sensing data assimilation in modelling of urban dynamics25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
BELCOLOUR-2 - Optical Remote Sensing of marine and inland waters25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
Global monitoring of Terrestrial ecosystem: challenges and opportunities25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
HABISTAT - From hyperspectral images to NATURA 2000 habitat patch and quality indicator maps:25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
MAMUD - Measuring and modelling urban dynamics25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
Remote sensing based services to monitor vegetation dynamics in Kenya25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
VEGEMIX - Multitemporal unmixing of mixed vegetation systems25/05/2011BEODay 2011»
ADASCIS - Earth Observation to support Agricultural Damage Assessment in Crop Insurance Schemes06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
ALGASED -- Remote Sensing for Characterization of Intertidal Sediments and Microphytobenthic Algae06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
APEX - APEX status: Instrument Performance, Operation and Product Generation06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
APLADYN - Anthropogenic and physical landscape dynamics in large fluvial systems06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
BE-REDDi - Development of Belgian REDD Information Systems06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
BIOHYPE - Biomonitoring of urban habitat quality with airborne hyperspectral observations06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
EPIDEMOIST -- Improving epidemiological modelling using satellite derived soil moisture proxies06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
FOMO - Remote sensing of the forest transition and its ecosystem impacts in mountain environments06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
GORISK - Monitoring of volcanic activity in the Virunga Province (N-Kivu, DRC)06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
HYPERFOREST - Advanced LiDAR & airborne hyperspectral remote sensing to support forest management06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
INSHORE -- Integration of optical and acoustic remote sensing data over the backshore-foreshore-nearshore continuum, a case study in Oostende06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
MICAS - Monitoring Inland and Coastal waters with the APEX Sensor; A wavelet Approach06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
Monitoring of tropical forests using EO data: The TREES project of the JRC and Perspective of the REDD+ item of the UNFCCC06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
POPSATER - Population estimation by remote sensing06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
PROBA-V mission overview06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
VEGECLIM - Tropical Forests Carbon Dynamics using 10-y SPOT- VEGETATION Time Series and Land-Surface Modelling06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
WAVARS - The human factor in Remote Sensing: first results06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
WWW - Earth Observation Products for FAO operational locust habitat monitoring and GIEWS agriculture monitoring06/05/2010BEODay 2010»
ASSIMIV - GIS-driven analysis of very high resolution satellite images04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
Belgian Participation in ORFEO Programme04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
CHADE - Change detection for update of vector database through multi-level region- based classification of VHR data (ChaDe)04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
EMSOR-GEMITOR - A Proof of Concept of Iterative DSM Improvement Through SAR Scene Simulation04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
ORFEO Workshop - Programme04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
Overview of Research on PLEIADES at MATIS laboratory04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
Pléiades HR for cartography of Risks in Real Time04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
Preparation of the Thematic Use of PLEIADES Imagery04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
SYNOPRA - Synergy of very high resolution optical and radar data for tree/forest mapping and inventory04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
The ORFEO Toolbox and Monteverdi04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
The Pléiades System04/03/2010ORFEO 2010»
ADASCIS - The Use of Remote Sensing and Agrometeorological Modelling for Agricultural Damage Assessment in support of the Belgian Disaster Fund28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
CALAKMUL - Development and use of a 4D Geographic Information System to support the conservation of the Calakmul site (Mexico)28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
DYNMAP - Mapping malaria vectors in South East Asia: combining remote sensing and ecological niche model analysis28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
ENDELEO - Development of a remote sensing based tool to monitor natural ecosystems in Kenya28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
EPI STIS - Integrating remote sensing data in an agent-based model applied to spatial epidemiology28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
EPIDEMOIST - Improving epidemiological modelling using satellite derived soil moisture proxies28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
EUFAR: Education and Training opportunities - Call for Transnational Access proposals28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
GLOBAM - Agriculture monitoring by multi-sensors observations and crop growth modeling in Europe, China and Ethiopia.28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
HYDRASENS - Monitoring top soil moisture through remote sensing to aid hydrologic modelling28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
INSHORE - Integration of optical and acoustic remote sensing data over the backshore-foreshore-nearshore continuum, a case study in Oostende28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
MICAS - Monitoring Inland and Coastal waters with the APEX Sensor28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
MUSAR - An Innovation Project on Multistatic Opportunistic SAR28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
POPSATER - Potential use of remote sensing for population estimate28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
RAGALIRS - The Raganello catchment: airborne imaging spectroscopy and laser scanning as an aid for archaeological research and site reconstruction28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
RESORT - REmote sensing for Seasonal and Overseas Retrieval of TSM28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
Uwe Rascher: Imaging and Imagining the spatio-temporal variations of photosynthesis28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
WAVARS - Web-based assessment of operator performance and variability in remote sensing image analysis28/04/2009BEODay 2009»
ALGASED - Remote sensing for characterization of intertidal sediments and microphytobenthic algae12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
ASSIMIV - Detection and description of geographical objects by matrix and vector information assimilation12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
BELCOLOUR-2 - Optical remote sensing of marine, coastal and inland waters12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
CHADE - Détection de changements pour la mise à jour de bases de données vectorielles par classification 12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
DYNMAP - Dynamic predictive mapping using multi-sensor data fusion - demonstration for malaria vector habitat12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
ECOSEG - Development of a spatio-temporal segmentation algorithm for satellite time series to monitor forest condition12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
EMSOR - Automatic extraction of man-made structures from VHRS optical and radar data for change detection12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
ENDELEO - Development of a remote sensing derived tool to assess the impact of conversation policy measures and drought on East African ecosystems12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
EPI STIS - Remote Sensing tools to study the EPIdemiology and Space/TIme DynamicS of diseases12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
GEMITOR - Multimodal Georeferencing of 3D VHR Optical and X-band SAR Imagery12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
GLOBAM - Global Agricultural Monitoring systems by integration12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
GORISK - A multi-approach tool for the volcanic risk management of the Goma region (North Kivu)12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
HABISTAT - A classification framework for habitat status reporting with remote sensing methods 12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
HYDRASENS - Integrating radar remote sensing, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for surface water management12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
MAMUD - Measuring and modeling urban dynamics: impact on quality of life and hydrology12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
MOCA - MOnitoring soil organic CArbon in croplands using Imaging Spectroscopy12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
New Methodological Developments12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
ORFEO - New Methodological Developments12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
RE-COLOUR - Reconstruction of colour schemes12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
RESORT - REmote sensing for Seasonal and Overseas Retrieval of Total suspended Matter12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
RIMS - Reliable Image Management Systems in support of urban and disaster management12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
SYNOPRA - Synergy of very high resolution optical and radar data in forest mapping and inventory12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
URMO3D - Combination of satellite raster data and vector data for 3D urban modelling12/02/2008BEODay 2008»
(BR)ADEX: (Bottom reflectance and) adjacency experiment10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
Airborne Hyperspectral do's and don'ts10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy Campaigns Questionnaire10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop 200610/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop 2006 Roundtable10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
CARBIS - Using spectral sensors to determine soil organic carbon for monitoring10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
Chlorophyll concentration of leaves and canopies estimated from spectroscopic measurements using the radiative transfer models-10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
HISMAC - Genetic algorithms for the segmentation and classification of hyperspectral imagery of Schiermonnikoog – The Netherlands10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
HYECO - Hydro-ecological modelling supported by Imaging Spectroscopy10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
HYPERPEACH - Modeling biochemical processes in orchards at leaf- and canopy-level using hyperspectral data10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
HYRESSA - Towards an improved access to hyperspectral data in Europe10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
KABAR - Mapping of coral reefs using hyperspectral data; a case study: Fordata, Tanimbar, Indonesia10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
KABAR - The Kabar project: Mapping of coral reefs using hyperspectral data: focus on bathymetric mapping; a case study: Fordata, Tanimbar, Indonesia10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
MINPACT: Environmental Impact Assessment of Mining and Industrial Activities10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
ORMES - Operational Remote sensing Mapping of Estuarine suspended Sediment concentrations10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
SEDOPTICS - Classification of intertidal sediments based on biophysical characteristics obtained by imaging spectroscopy10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
Soil shadow assessment and its impact on soil reflectance10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
TIRIS - Measuring chemical pollutant gases in the port of Antwerp using imaging spectroscopy10/10/2006BruHyp 2006»
Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg08/03/2006SRII launch 2006»
Presentation of the new national remote sensing research programme STEREO II08/03/2006SRII launch 2006»
Radiation Physics Group Research Activities08/03/2006SRII launch 2006»
SAMAAV - Study And Monitoring of Active African Volcanoes 08/03/2006SRII launch 2006»
Cartographie des surfaces imperméables26/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
Construction et utilisation des données 3D26/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
Détection des changements en milieu urbain26/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - L'intérêt des images satellites dans nos administrations communales26/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Objectifs du projet SPIDER + Résultats de l’enquête auprès des utilisateurs26/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Utilisation d’images satellitaires pour des applications urbanisées26/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SUGRES - Produits de géo-information pour la gestion des espaces verts en milieu urbain26/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
Constructie en gebruik van 3D-data24/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Doelstellingen van het SPIDER-project + Resultaten van de gebruikersenquête24/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Gebruik van satellietbeelden in verstedelijkte gebieden24/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Geo-informatieprodukten ter ondersteuning van het stedelijke groenbeheer24/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Invloed van bodemgebruiksgegevens op de neerslag-afvoervoorspelling in stedelijk gebied24/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Kartering van ondoorlaatbare oppervlakken24/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
SPIDER - Veranderingsdetectie in stedelijke gebieden24/10/2005SPIDER 2005»
Aspects of Vegetation Monitoring in active hard coal mining areas using Imaging Spectroscopy07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Belgian Imaging Spectroscopy campaigns: an overview07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
ECOMALT - Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Ecotope Classification based on Hyperspectral Images 07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
EROCROP - Analysis of the Soil Erosion - Crop Productivity relationship using hyperspectral data 07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Estimating peat (high-organic soil) moisture content using simulated HyMap reflectance07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
HYECO4 - Assessing a river floodplain status using airborne imaging spectrometer data and ground validation 07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
HYNIM - Hyperspectral derived nitrogen indicators for maize crop07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
HYPERKART - Imaging spectroscopy and Integrated Coastal Zone Management, a promising marriage07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Hyperspectral retrieval of biophysical variables through inversion of radiative transfer models07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Hyperspectral Technology for Best Practice Mine Environmental Management - Dream or Reality?07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
HYSAR07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Introduction to AIS Workshop 200507/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
IS-HS - Vegetative System Modelling07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Mapping Mine Waste within the Rheidol Valley, Mid Wales07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Monitoring of vegetation stress and water quality of the Sonian Forest07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
TIDESED - Time-dependent changes in the optical properties of sediments detected with remote sensing07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Vegetation Scenarios in Support of Climate Change Applications07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Water Stress and Fluorescence Detection in Crop Canopies with AHS Thermal Imagery07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Wetlands delineation and characterization from CASI hyperspectral data07/10/2005BruHyp 2005»
Acreage Estimation using SAR Data20/09/2005Habay 2005»
Agriculture and Vegetation at a local scale20/09/2005Habay 2005»
ESA Earth Observation Exploitation Programmes20/09/2005Habay 2005»
European Agriculture and Remote Sensing: Changes and Perspectives20/09/2005Habay 2005»
FORECAST - Use of VHR satellite data for forest cartography220/09/2005Habay 2005»
HYPERCRUNCH - Early detection of biotic stress in fruit orchards using statistically-based hyperspectral analysis20/09/2005Habay 2005»
Integration of traceability and geographical information for the development of farm advisory systems20/09/2005Habay 2005»
Land cover, land use and landscape agri-environmental indicators developed during the IRENA Operation20/09/2005Habay 2005»
SAGRIWATEL - Monitoring of the Walloon Agricultural State with Remote Sensing20/09/2005Habay 2005»
SAGRIWATEL - Monitoring of the Walloon agricultural state with remote sensing220/09/2005Habay 2005»
SAR Image Processing for Crop Monitoring20/09/2005Habay 2005»
STEREOCROP - Crop type mapping and growth monitoring thanks to a synergistic use of SAR and optical remote sensing20/09/2005Habay 2005»
SUGRES - Services for Urban Green Monitoring using Remote Sensing20/09/2005Habay 2005»
Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop 200408/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
BELCOLOUR - A hyperspectral view of the North Sea08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
CARBIS - Can hyperspectral techniques improve estimates of carbon stocks in agricultural soils?08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
CHRIS - The future of hyperspectral satellite sensors08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Environmental Case Studies as Monitored by Imaging Spectroscopy Technology in Israel08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Evaluation of the MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Hyperspectral-based characterization of grassland for the control of agri-environmental measures08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Imaging Spectroscopy in The United States with the Airborne Visible and Infrared Imaging Spectrometer08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Mapping active fault-induced changes in soil and vegetation08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Mapping mine waste using hyperspectral imaging spectrometry data08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
OM - Airborne Hyperspectral Measurements and Superficial Soil Organic Matter08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Sediment characterization in ‘De IJzermonding’ using an empirical orthogonal function: application to CASI08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Stress Detection in Crops with Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Physical Simulation Models 208/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
The estimation of humification of exposed upland peat from HyMap and ASD spectra08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Upscaling of spectroradiometer data for stress detection in orchards with remote sensing08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Use of Hyperspectral Data for Supporting the Classification of Agricultural Land and Semi-Natural Vegetation08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Water and Energy Fluxes in a Riparian Wetland08/10/2004BruHyp 2004»
Belgian Earth Observation Day06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
BIOPRESS - Linking pan-European land cover change to pressures on biodiversity06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
FLOODMAP - Automatic detection of Flooded areas on ASAR images using OOC and ACA 06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
FORECAST - Use of VHR satellite data for forest cartography06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
Global Monitoring for Food Security (GMFS)06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
GLOBALWATCH06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
HYPERKART - Airborne hyperspectral remote sensing of the dynamic dunes along the Belgian coast06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
HYPERWAVE - Generic classification technique for Hyperspectral Data 06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
Land-use/Land-cover Change Detection and Ecosystem impacts06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
MAMASU - Detecting man-made structures in urban areas using multi-spectral and geometric classification methods 06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
POLINSAR - Polarimetric SAR Interferometry 06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
Use of Remote Use of Remote Sensing Imagery for GeoTraceability in Agriculture06/05/2004SR-VG 2004»
CASI Processing at the NERC Airborne Remote Sensing Facility04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
CASI-SWIR Workshop04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
CONTAM - Detection of contaminants in solid matrices and plants04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
Evaluation of the potential of applying CASI/SWIR for characterising and discriminating semi-natural vegetation in upland Wales04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
GRASS - Characterisation of grassland canopy using CASI-SASI hyperspectral imagery04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
HYPERCRUNCH - Optimizing hyperspectral indicators for stress detection in orchards04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
Hyperspectral remote sensing of the Western Schelde estuary - a summary of past and present UK-Netherlands operations04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
Hyperspectral textural parameters and LAI from remote sensing images04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
MOISGRAD - Hyperspectral mapping of riparian wetness gradients04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
OM - Estimation of Soil Organic Matter by means of Hyperspectral Data Analysis04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
SCHELDT - Biogeochemistry of the Scheldt Estuary and Plume04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
The Airborne Imaging Spectrometer APEX (Airborne Prism EXperiment)04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
The use of rapid repeat-pass airborne data for the determination of water velocities in near coastal environments04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
URBAN - Spatial information extraction for urban areas based on hyperspectral data04/09/2003BruHyp 2003»
2002-2003 Belgian activities in Earth Observation09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»
ASARTECH - Advanced SAR Remote Sensing Techniques 09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»
ETATS - An updating rate assessment system of topo-geographical data using remote sensing 09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»
FLOODMAP - An operational system to support Flanders flood prevention policy09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»
GEOSUCCESS - Global Earth Observation in SUpport of Climate Change and Environmental Security studies 09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»
HYPERCRUNCH - Improve information extraction from hyperspectral datacubes 09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»
SAGRIWATEL - Monitoring the status of the Walloon agriculture with Remote Sensing09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»
SPIDER - Improving spatial information extraction for local and regional decision makers using VHR remotely sensed data 09/05/2003SR-VG 2003»