This page contains a listing of on-line publications related to the Belgian remote sensing research projects.

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BLUETONGUE - Het opsporen van opkomende ziektenPaper18/04/2016»
BLUETONGUE - Traquer les maladies émergentesPaper18/04/2016»
FLOODMOIST - Alerte aux inondationsPaper18/04/2016»
FLOODMOIST - Overstromingswaarschuwing Paper18/04/2016»
HYDRASENS - Alerte aux inondationsPaper18/04/2016»
HYDRASENS - OverstromingswaarschuwingPaper18/04/2016»
MORECA - Ondersteuning van duurzame plantages in DRCPaper18/04/2016»
MORECA - Soutenir les plantations durables en RDCPaper18/04/2016»
MULTITICK - Het opsporen van opkomende ziektenPaper18/04/2016»
MULTITICK - Traquer les maladies convergentesPaper18/04/2016»
SAT-EX - Fluorescentie als indicator van vegetatiestressPaper18/04/2016»
SAT-EX - La fluorescence comme indicateur de stress de la végétationPaper18/04/2016»
STR3S - Fluorescentie als indicator van vegetatiestressPaper18/04/2016»
STR3S - La fluorescence comme indicateur de stress de la végétationPaper18/04/2016»
VEGECLIM - Koolstofputten of -bronnen?Paper18/04/2016»
VEGECLIM - Puits ou source de carbonePaper18/04/2016»
STEREO II - Belgian Earth observation research programmeBook26/05/2015»
STEREO II - Belgisch onderzoeksprogramma voor aardobservatieBook26/05/2015»
STEREO II - Programme de recherche en observation de la TerreBook26/05/2015»
ENDELEO - Goed beheer van natuurlijke ecosystemen in Kenia dankzij aardobservatiePaper01/06/2014»
ENDELEO - La télédétection en appui à une gestion saine des écosystèmes au KenyaPaper01/06/2014»
International Cooperation on World Heritage - Reinforcing management and protection of the world heritage sitesPaper01/05/2013»
Un outil belge gardera un oeil sur les forêts tropicalesPaper27/05/2011»
Calakmul 4D GIS - La technologie au service de la préservation du patrimoine mondialPaper30/07/2010»
Calakmul 4D GIS - Technologie voor het behoud van het WerelderfgoedPaper30/07/2010»
De woestijnsprinkhaan in het vizier van satellietenPaper30/07/2010»
Le criquet pèlerin dans l'oeil de mire des satellitesPaper30/07/2010»
GORISK -- Observatie van de Virungavulkanen vanuit de ruimtePaper21/01/2010»
GORISK -- Surveiller les volcans des Virunga depuis l'espacePaper21/01/2010»
POPSATER -- Bevolkingsaantallen schatten door teledetectie?Paper21/01/2010»
POPSATER -- Estimer la population à l’aide de la télédétection ?Paper21/01/2010»
STEREO I - Onderzoeksprogramma inzake aardobservatie - Afstand nemen voor een beter begripBook01/03/2008»
STEREO I - Programme de recherche en observation de la Terre - Des images pour comprendreBook01/03/2008»
STEREO I - Research Programme for Earth Observation - Long distance comprehendingBook31/12/2007»
BRADEX: Bottom Reflectance and Adjacency Experiment for Belgian coastal and inland waters.Abstract10/10/2006»
Calibration of hyperspectral data for soil organic carbon determinationAbstract10/10/2006»
Chlorophyll concentration of leaves and canopies estimated from spectroscopic measurements using the radiative transfer modelsAbstract10/10/2006»
Classification of intertidal sediments based on biophysical characteristics obtained by imaging spectroscopyAbstract10/10/2006»
Classification of intertidal sediments based on biophysical characteristics obtained by imaging spectroscopy..Paper10/10/2006»
GA-based segmentation and feature selection for the classification of AHS hyperspectral data recorded over salt marshes in Schiermonnikoog (NL)Abstract10/10/2006»
HYECO - Hydro-ecological modelling supported by imaging spectroscopy2Abstract10/10/2006»
HYPERPEACH - Characterization of peach orchard bio-physical condition using hyperspectral remote sensingAbstract10/10/2006»
HYPERPEACH - Modelling biochemical processes in orchards at leaf- and canopy-level using hyperspectral data (HYPERPEACH)Paper10/10/2006»
Mapping of coral reefs using hyperspectral CASI data; A case study: Fordata, Tanimbar, IndonesiaAbstract10/10/2006»
MINPACT - Remote Sensing of the environmental impact of industrial and mining activitiesAbstract10/10/2006»
ORMES - Operational remote sensing mapping of Estuarine suspended sediment concentrations (ORMES)Abstract10/10/2006»
Study of the pulau nukaha reef system (Indonesia) using hyperspectral casi data: focus on bathymetric mappingAbstract10/10/2006»
TIRIS - Measuring chemical pollutant gases in the port of Antwerp using imaging spectroscopy2Abstract10/10/2006»
Towards an improved access to hyperspectral data across Europe (HYRESSA)Abstract10/10/2006»
An operational method for vegetation mapping based on airborne imaging spectroscopy, applied to the Belgian dunes.Abstract07/10/2005»
Aspects of Vegetation Monitoring in active hard coal mining areas using Imaging Spectroscopy.Abstract07/10/2005»
Belgian Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy campaigns: an overview.Abstract07/10/2005»
ECOMALT - Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Ecotope Classification Based on Hyperspectral Images.Abstract07/10/2005»
Estimating peat moisture content using simulated HyMap reflectanceAbstract07/10/2005»
HYECO4 - Assessing a River Floodplain Status Using Airborne Imaging Spectrometer Data and Ground Validation 2Abstract07/10/2005»
HYNIM - Hyperspectral derived nitrogen indicators for maize crop.Abstract07/10/2005»
Hyperspectral retrieval of biophysical variables through inversion of radiative transfer models. Solving the ill-posed inverse problem.Abstract07/10/2005»
Hyperspectral Technology for Best Practices Mine Environmental Management - Dream or Reality?Abstract07/10/2005»
HYSAR - Man-made object classification using fused polarimetric SAR and hyperspectral imagery dataAbstract07/10/2005»
Imaging spectroscopy and Integrated Coastal Zone Management, a promising marriage.Abstract07/10/2005»
IS-HS Project: Integration of in-situ data and hyperspectral remote sensing for plant production modeling.Abstract07/10/2005»
Mapping Mine Waste within the Rheidol Valley.Abstract07/10/2005»
Mapping of aquatic systems using hyperspectral airborne data and a physically based process chainAbstract07/10/2005»
Monitoring of vegetation stress and water quality of the Sonian Forest (CASI-TIR 2003 campaign).Abstract07/10/2005»
TIDESED - Intertidal Sediment Characterization using HyMAP ImageryAbstract07/10/2005»
Water Stress and Chlorosis Detection in Crop Canopies with AHS Thermal Imagery and CASI and ROSIS Hyperspectral Sensors: Implications on YieldAbstract07/10/2005»
Wetlands delineation and characterization from CASI hyperspectral data.Abstract07/10/2005»
Acreage Estimation using SAR Data.Abstract20/09/2005»
Crop type mapping and growth monitoring thanks to a synergistic use of SAR and optical remote sensing.Abstract20/09/2005»
Early detection of biotic stress in fruit orchards using statistically based hyperspectral analysis.Abstract20/09/2005»
Integration of traceability and geographical information for the development of farm advisory systems and the control of agro-environmental measures.Abstract20/09/2005»
Land cover, land use and landscape agri-environmental indicators developed during the IRENA Operation on the basis of IMAGE 2000 and CORINE Land CoverAbstract20/09/2005»
SAGRIWATEL - Monitoring of the Walloon Agriculture State with Remote Sensing.Abstract20/09/2005»
SAGRIWATEL- Monitoring of the Walloon agricultural state with remote sensing: project management and benefits for the department of agriculture.Abstract20/09/2005»
SAR image processing for crop monitoring.Abstract20/09/2005»
SUGRES - Services for Urban Green Monitoring using Remote Sensing.Abstract20/09/2005»
A hyperspectral view of the North Sea.Paper08/10/2004»
Airborne Hyperspectral Measurements and Superficial Soil Organic Matter.Paper08/10/2004»
Can hyperspectral techniques improve estimates of carbon stocks in agricultural soilsPaper08/10/2004»
Environmental case studies as monitored by Imaging Spectroscopy technology in Israel.Paper08/10/2004»
Evaluation of the MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index.Abstract08/10/2004»
Hyperspectral-based characterization of grassland for the control of agri-environmental measures.Paper08/10/2004»
Imaging Spectroscopy in the United StatesAbstract08/10/2004»
Mapping active fault-induced changes in soil and vegetation - Roer Graben (BelgiumPaper08/10/2004»
Mapping mine waste using hyperspectral imaging spectrometry data.Paper08/10/2004»
Sediment characterization in ‘De IJzermonding’ using an empirical orthogonal function: application to CASI.Paper08/10/2004»
Stress Detection in Crops with Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Physical Simulation ModelsPaper08/10/2004»
The Compact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (CHRIS): the future of hyperspectral satellite sensors.Paper08/10/2004»
The estimation of humification of exposed upland peat from HyMap and ASD spectra.Paper08/10/2004»
Upscaling of spectroradiometer data for stress detection in orchards with remote sensing.Paper08/10/2004»
Use of hyperspectral data for supporting the classification of agricultural land and semi-natural vegetation.Paper08/10/2004»
Water and Energy Fluxes in a Riparian Wetland.Paper08/10/2004»
Telsat 4: Final ReportsBook31/12/2002»