WaterCloud symposium and workshops

Event Type Symposium
Start-End 28/03/2017 -  28/03/2017
Objective The ambition of the WaterCloud conference is to develop research on cloud computing in the water sciences and promote its education in the countries of South East Asian and Africa.

Schematically, cloud computing consists of pooling hardware and software resources via the Internet. It reduces the costs of processing and storage of information in a simplified environment accessible to all. It is also an operational response to the generalized problems of Big Data – also today major issue of Computer Science. This simplification and cost reduction offer methodological possibilities not previously explored (e.g. test many models, including in the area of Big Data for data reduction to compare their relevance). The strategy of the conference that aims at organizing thematic workshops and practical workshops applied to the water problems is a real innovation responding to demands now clearly identified with our partners of the South. Still little teaching of cloud computing, recent paradigm of computer science, requires a major theoretical investment before being mobilized by the practice on concrete projects.
Topics WaterCloud aims at bringing together participants that have at heart to strengthen the links between education, research and environmental engineering using cloud computing technologies for water management. The symposium will be organized as a series of oral presentations (invited and selected from abstracts) and hands-on training workshops.
Location Brussels
Country Belgium
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