2017 Conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS 17)

Event Type Conference
Start-End 28/11/2017 -  30/11/2017
Objective The BiDS'17 Conference is co-organised by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, and the European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen).  This is the third edition of the BiDS conference cycle and it will be hosted by the Centre National d'Études Spatiales (CNES) in Toulouse.

Big Data from Space refers to the massive spatio-temporal Earth and Space observation data collected by space-borne and ground based sensors, and to synergetic use of data coming from other sources and communities. This domain is currently facing sharp development with numerous new initiatives and breakthroughs ranging from intelligent sensors to data science. These developments are empowering new approaches and applications in various and diverse domains influencing life on earth, from sensing cities. monitoring human settlements and urban areas to climate change and security.

The objective of this conference is to stimulate interactions and bring together researchers, engineers, users, infrastructure and service providers, interested in exploiting Big Data from Space.
Topics Data Lifecycle

1)    Data Acquisition and Transmission
2)    Data Organization, Archiving, Storage and Management
3)    Data Processing and Data Analytics
4)    Generation and Provision of Value-Added Information and Services

Infrastructures, Tools and Services for Big Data

a)    On-board data handling functions and technologies
b)    Data transfer and telecommunication systems
c)    Data storage, dissemination and computing platforms
d)    Data access and delivery (availability, searchability, long-term archiving)
e)    Data analytics and visualization tools
f)     Data preservation and retrieval
g)    Data openness, privacy and security
h)    Data quality, provenance and trust
i)     Data Science
j)     Space and suborbital sensor networks
k)    Cooperating sensor networks and Crowdsourcing approaches
l)     Interoperability and Standards
m)   New networking paradigms (software defined networking and information content networking)
n)    Exploitation platforms (Science, Copernicus, Thematic, Mission, Cloud, …)
o)    Linked data, heterogeneous data sources and semantics
Location CNES Toulouse
Country France
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Organisation ESA (European Space Agency)
European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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