Agriculture and Earth Observation Workshop

Event Type Workshop
Start-End 04/07/2017 -  05/07/2017
  • Bring together service providers/users, value adding companies, and satellite data providers to discuss and establish the flow from user information needs to observation requirements
  • Provide a common forum for institutional, scientific and commercial users
  • Showcase the large potential for synergistic use of a variety of satellite observations for agricultural applications, demonstrate the benefit these applications have for society
  • Provide a direct link to users and discuss the evolution of applications versus available space borne data sets
  • Gather support from the user community on an institutional level to build the case for observation continuity to funding agencies (EC, ESA, EUMETSAT), preferably in letters of support
  • Share knowledge of future data which will become available
  • Enhance our knowledge of user needs (covering L1 up to e.g. apps, data accessibility)
  • Building capacity in the agricultural user community
Topics The workshop is open to
  • Current and potential future operational users of Earth Observation data and information services,  including commercial users, value adding industry, meteorological and hydrological forecasting services, regional authorities for agricultural management, Copernicus Services etc.
  • Scientific and institutional users
  • Decision makers and funding agencies

The 2-day workshop will be organised in three main sessions, addressing
  • WHAT IS NEEDED, with presentations from commercial, public and scientific users
  • WHAT IS THERE, providing an overview of the variety of satellite and in-situ data sources available and information services and applications being built upon them
  • FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES, summarising current and future evolutions in satellite and in-situ data provision versus user needs

These sessions will be followed by discussion fora  to gather feedback on the proposed themes from the workshop attendees, being summarised in a position paper to be released after the workshop.

Location The Hague
Country Netherlands
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