Earth Imaging Spectroscopy and Thermal Infrared Measurements (HyspIRI)

Event Type Workshop
Start-End 17/10/2017 -  19/10/2017
Objective The workshop will be focused on new science and applications research enabled by global Imaging Spectroscopy and Thermal Infrared Measurements of the Earth.  This workshop builds upon and extends the objectives identified in the 2007 Decadal Survey HyspIRI mission concept and also addresses inputs to the ongoing Earth Science and Applications Decadal Survey.
Topics The primary objective of this workshop will be to interact with the broad research and applications communities interested in global visible to shortwave infrared (VSWIR) imaging spectroscopy and global thermal infrared (TIR) measurements.
Location Caltech Beckman Institute Auditorium, Pasadena, CA
Country United States
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