50th International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics

Event Type Conference
Start-End 28/05/2018 -  01/06/2018
Objective The 50th edition of the International Liege Colloquium of Ocean Dynamics is a perfect reason to celebrate and review the advances made in studying the oceans during the last several decades. In particular, this edition will be dedicated to long-term studies in oceanography. Our knowledge about the ocean has changed dramatically over these past 50 years, as is the availability and quality of data and tools to study the ocean. The ocean plays a crucial role in the regulation of the Earth’s climate. As climate change poses an unprecedented threat to the Earth environment, studies that focus on the long-term variation of the ocean and its response to climate change have therefore become essential to understand and monitor the Earth climate.
Topics Sessions:

  • Ocean dynamics & climate change
  • Oceanic climate records (datasets, methods and comparisons)
  • Coastal and regional processes
  • Trends in polar regions
  • Biogeochemical processes
  • Long-term trends in oceanography (open session)
Location Liège
Country Belgium
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Organisation ULg - GeoHydrodynamics & Environment Research
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