11th EARSeL SIG Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy

Event Type Workshop
Start-End 06/02/2019 -  08/02/2019
Objective The EARSeL Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy in the long term encourages international discussion among specialists working with innovative spectral Earth Observation technologies. The SIG IS organizes workshop every two years (the last one was held in Zürich) and with more than 20 years long tradition it is recognized as the leading workshop in this field in Europe, as well as worldwide. It brings together students and professionals from universities, research organizations and private companies to present, exchange and discuss new ideas and research achievements related to all aspects of imaging spectroscopy.  

Imaging spectroscopy is increasingly finding its way to interdisciplinary research addressing today’s key environmental and societal challenges. It is also expanding from traditional airborne platforms towards new ground-based, unmanned airborne and satellite systems. At the same time, novel spectral signals, as for instance chlorophyll fluorescence or mid-infrared and thermal emissions, are being explored. These technological and methodological developments are inviting for exchange of new knowledge and fruitful scientific discussions during the upcoming 11th EARSeL SIG IS Workshop held in Brno, Czech Republic from 6 to 8 February 2019.
Topics All scientists, researchers, students and professionals interested in recent advances in technology, methods and applications of imaging spectroscopy are strongly encouraged to present their contribution either as a poster or an oral talk according to the following topics:

Advanced methods for spectroscopy data calibration, processing, analyzing and modelling:
  • Sensor spectral and radiometric calibration, atmospheric and geometric corrections  
  • Data analyzing approaches, software toolboxes, machine learning and big data mining  
  • Models of radiative transfer, inversion schemes and data assimilation techniques  
  • Laboratory and in-situ field spectroscopy and product validation approaches
Spectroscopy data fusion and application in Earth sciences:  
  • Combined use of spectroscopy and other observations (LiDAR, SAR, thermal, etc.)  
  • Upscaling and downscaling spectroscopy data in modelling the Earth spheres  
  • Spectroscopy in assessment of ecosystem processes, functions and societal services (vegetation, soils, snow & ice, inland & coastal waters, urban areas, etc.)  
  • Spectroscopy use in the context of natural disasters, hazards and societal challenges (food security, water availability, loss of genetic and functional biodiversity, etc.)   

Innovative sensing platforms and sensors:
  • Ground/tower, multi-angular, drone, air and space-borne spectroscopy platforms  
  • Synergies between sensors
  • Progressive spectral sensor concepts and future spectroscopy satellite missions 
Location Brno
Country Czech Republic
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