EUMETSAT -- DIAS Industry Information Day

Event Type Conference
Start-End 24/04/2018 -  24/04/2018
Objective The Industry Day on April 24th 2018 at EUMETSAT HQ will present the scope and essential requirements for the Provision of Copernicus DIAS Services and Operations, which will be subject of an open competitive tender action (ITT) to be initiated within Q2/2018.

This major procurement covers the implementation and operations of the EUMETSAT and Partners (ECMWF & Mercator Océan) DIAS commissioned by EC in response to the objectives of the Copernicus Integrated Ground Segment, aiming at developing innovative Copernicus services based on “big data” technologies.

The EUMETSAT and Partners DIAS is developed through collaboration between EUMETSAT, the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring (CAMS) and Climate Change Monitoring (C3S) Services operated by the European Centre for Medium Range Weather forecasts (ECMWF) and with the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring services (CMEMS) operated by Mercator Océan.
Topics The scope of the procurement includes:
  • Provision of the required operational DIAS services;
  • Commercial cloud services providing elasticity;
  • Computing, storage and network Infrastructure, including PoPs (Points of Presence);
  • Integration/hosting, operation of Customer Furnished Items elements like tools or SW packages maintained by the Partners;
  • Provision/operation of virtual environments and toolboxes;
  • Web Services, web portal functions;
  • System Administration & IT helpdesk support to users;
  • First line User Support providing an operational link to Partners´ User Support office;
  • All functions to be defined by the Contractor to ensure commercial exploitation of the EUMETSAT and Partners DIAS in line with its own Business Casetaking into account the level of the non-commercial services.

The major activities required under this procurement are:
  • Preparation of the DIAS services, including migration of the users from the existing demonstrator version (DIAS V0) onto the DIAS V1;
  • Operation of the DIAS services including commercial exploitation taking into account the level of the non-commercial services;
  • Management of User interactions, consolidation of user Feedback;
  • Reporting on Service Performance, operations, users uptake;
  • Implementation & Test of engineering changes;
  • Preparation of DIAS V2 and subsequently V3 based on agreed changes resulting from the user feedback;
  • Maintenance of an information base.
  • First line User Support providing an operational link to Partners´ User Support office
Location EUMETSAT HQ, Darmstadt
Country Germany
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Organisation EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites)
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