Joint 2nd ISWG and 8th LSA-SAF Workshop

Event Type Workshop
Start-End 26/06/2018 -  28/06/2018
Objective The aim of the International Surface Working Group (ISWG) is to gather requirements specific to surface observations to enhance both our understanding and ability to monitor the components of the Earth system including land, vegetation, snow, ice, and coastal and open waters.

The EUMETSAT Land Surface Analysis Satellite Application Facility (LSA SAF) aims to increase the benefits accrued from satellite data, specifically for terrestrial processes, land-atmosphere interactions and biospheric applications. One of the target applications of the LSA SAF product is to assess and improve the quality of land surface models.
  • Assimilation of surface observations derived from: IR/MW, active/passive remote sensing data relevant to terrestrial surfaces, land-atmosphere interactions, and related applications;
  • Land surface assimilation schemes: state of the operational land surface modelling systems and recent developments; sensitivity studies of surface model parameters to remotely sensed data; outcomes of assimilating SMOS, GPM, SMAP observations; calibration issues, variable transforms or PDF matching techniques;
  • Radiative transfer and emissivity/reflectivity model development: VIS/IR/MW, all surface types, review of current parameterization for forward modelling surface boundary; description of available land emissivity databases/atlases (MW and IR); intercomparison/validation of physical models and retrieved emissivity (MW and IR, including land, ocean, and ice surfaces);
  • Retrievals of surface parameters: product characteristics and performances and expected evolutions including land surface temperature, albedo, vegetation state, soil moisture, snow water equivalent, water-body extent, sea surface wind, salinity, canopy parameters, vegetation water content, sea-ice concentration, etc. and the resulting surface emissivity/reflectance spectra;
  • Other relevant topics: model-data comparison efforts involving EO dataset and shared experiences from ongoing surface monitoring systems, use of multi-sensor/ multi-platform, multi-temporal approaches to maximize information over heterogeneous or rapidly changing surface types.
Location Lisbon
Country Portugal
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