HyspIRI Science and Applications workshop

Event Type Workshop
Start-End 15/08/2018 -  17/08/2018
Objective The overarching goals of the 2018 HyspIRI Science and Applications Workshop are:
  1. Report the status of key HyspIRI science and applications objectives developed and advanced over past decade, including related airborne campaigns
  2. Review the HyspIRI requirements, implementation options, and technology status resulting from the HyspIRI concept study
  3. Begin to address, under the guidance of NASA, the Earth Surface Biology and Geology targeted observable described in the recent report from the NRC Committee on the Decadal Survey for Earth Science and Applications from Space
Topics HyspIRI science and applications objectives and requirements
  • Science and Applications Traceability Matrices
  • Measurement approaches explored
  • VSWIR and TIR observation approaches
  • Onboard processing of the real-time data (Intelligent Payload Module)
  • Calibration and validation
  • Data processing algorithm maturity and theoretical basis
  • Airborne campaigns and science results
Research and applications community inputs for the Earth Surface Biology and Geology targeted observable in the 2017 Thriving on Our Changing Planet: A Decadal Strategy for Earth Observation from Space:
  • Development of draft science and applications questions and hypotheses aligned with the Decadal Survey
  • Exploration of preliminary science and applications traceability matrices
  • Review and discussion of possible VSWIR and TIR spectral, spatial, radiometric, temporal options to address goals and objectives.
Location Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington DC
Country United States
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