SAT-EX -- 1st Workshop on Data-guided Appraisal of Biosphere-Climate Interactions

Event Type Workshop
Start-End 04/10/2018 -  05/10/2018
The unprecedented volumes of Earth Observation data gathered today allow for thorough investigation of Earth's climate system and its interactions with the biosphere. Several international research initiatives and scientific projects focus on the application of mathematical and statistical methods to extract insights about the functioning of the hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere from this emerging Earth information data-cube.

This data-cube is highly dimensional, thus innovative mathematical and statistical techniques can offer new means to extract valuable information in a rigorous manner.
This workshop aims to bring researchers together to discuss the current state in data-oriented applications to unravel biosphere–climate interactions over large scales. The organizers aim to both (a) discuss current research efforts, and (b) identify common challenges for the future.
Topics Studying the sensitivity of global vegetation to climate and climatic extremes is the primary goal of SAT-EX. It can be expressed as three main objectives:

  1. To provide evidence of how climate extremes have changed over the satellite era and identify the drivers behind these changes.

  2. To provide new insights into past changes in vegetation and the role of climate and climatic extremes on these changes.

  3. To test the extent to which IPCC ESMs reproduce the changes in climatic extremes and the associated response of vegetation.

These three objectives respond to a general call in the climate research community that strives towards deepening our understanding on global hydro-climatic extremes. As an example, the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) pursues as a grand challenge 'Understanding and Predicting Weather and Climate Extremes', and the consequences of these extremes on global societies and ecosystems. In that sense, observational evidence is required to: (a) discover how hydro-climatic extremes and vegetation have changed, and (b) benchmark ESMs to reveal which ones are more skillful at reproducing climate-biosphere interactions, thus are more adequate to predict the fate of these interactions.

The ultimate goal of SAT-EX is to uncover the potential of long-term satellite records to provide this understanding about the sensitivity of global vegetation to climate (extremes): Objectives 1 and 2 target the discovery and understanding of climate–vegetation interactions, Objective 3 targets the benchmarking of ESMs.
Location Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Coupure links 653, Ghent
Country Belgium
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