PhD -- Ecology, Dynamic Vegetation Modelling and Remote Sensing: “Understanding Turning Points in Dryland Ecosystem Functioning”Job vacancy18/10/201601/12/2016»
PhD -- The impact of vegetation changes on soil moisture over the Dry ChacoJob vacancy18/10/201615/11/2016»
Post-doc -- Object-based analysis and machine vision for UAV image dataJob vacancy18/10/201624/10/2016»
Giessen University -- W3 Professorship for Landscape Ecology and Landscape PlanningJob vacancy18/10/201631/10/2016»
PhD -- Urban Remote Sensing (ULB)Job vacancy18/10/201607/11/2016»
PhD -- Remote Sensing of Sub-Tropical Forest Degradation and its environmental impactsJob vacancy18/10/201630/11/2016»
Rayference -- Image Processing Research EngineerJob vacancy18/10/201618/12/2016»
Aberystwyth University -- Postdoctoral Researcher in the Retrievals of Soil MoistureJob vacancy18/10/201630/10/2016»
Parameter Space Ltd -- Earth Observation ScientistJob vacancy18/10/201611/11/2016»
British Geological Survey -- two geologistsJob vacancy18/10/201613/11/2016»
International Geoscience Services -- Experienced Senior GeophysicistJob vacancy18/10/201628/10/2016»
Forestry Commission -- Statistical and Mapping OfficerJob vacancy18/10/201630/10/2016»
UK National Centre for Earth Observation -- UKESM Core ScientistJob vacancy18/10/201630/10/2016»
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) -- Junior Scientist (tenure track) or Senior Scientist in Observational Physical Oceanography (a)Job vacancy18/10/201601/11/2016»
UK Hydrographic Office -- Hydrographic Data TechnicianJob vacancy18/10/201603/11/2016»
Utrecht University -- Tenure Track Assistant Professor Job vacancy18/10/201631/10/2016»
Job offers at EUSCJob vacancy21/09/201631/12/2016»
UGent - 2 postdoctoral researchers and 2 PhD candidatesJob vacancy06/09/201601/12/2016»
Basisopleiding QGIS - in Leuven en GentTraining course06/09/201617/11/2016»
FME Desktop - In Leuven en GentTraining course06/09/201601/12/2016»
PostGIS en Geoserver basis - in LeuvenTraining course06/09/201617/11/2016»
ArcGIS niveau I - in Leuven en GentTraining course06/09/201608/12/2016»
Wat is nieuw in MapInfo 64 bit? - in LeuvenTraining course06/09/201622/11/2016»
Geo.X -- 14 positions in Geo Data Science (3-year PhD / 2-year PostDoc)Job vacancy01/09/201631/10/2016»
TU Delft -- Assistant or Associate Professor Resource Engineering (Tenure Track)Job vacancy01/09/201601/01/2017»
Special issue on Information Extraction from Remote Sensing ImageryCall for paper28/07/201631/12/2016»

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