UNESCO IHE - Remote Sensing Crop Water Productivity Analyst / Senior LecturerJob vacancy02/10/201510/10/2015»
EUMETSAT - GNSS Radio Occultation Team LeaderJob vacancy25/09/201512/10/2015»
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Tenure track remote sensing of large-scale water and vegetation dynamicsJob vacancy25/09/201510/10/2015»
Universität Tübingen - Project Manager (postdoc) Position. SPP (DFG Priority Program) EarthShapeJob vacancy25/09/201531/10/2015»
Lund University - Researcher in Carbon Cycle Data AssimilationJob vacancy25/09/201518/10/2015»
GIM - Promotions for 30 cm WorldView-3 Satellite ImageryGeneral announcement23/06/201531/12/2015»

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