VITO - R&D Professional in Remote Sensing and AgricultureJob vacancy27/11/201531/12/2015»
VITO - Business Development Manager - Remote SensingJob vacancy27/11/201531/12/2015»
EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, 17-22 April 2016 - Call for abstractsCall for paper27/11/201513/01/2016»
University of Twente - Fully-funded 4-year PhD position at ITC Job vacancy26/11/201531/12/2015»
University of Twente - PhD "Socio-economic resilience and post-disaster recovery assessment using remote sensing and spatial economic modeling"Job vacancy24/11/201501/01/2016»
LIST: Master student internship in Remote Sensing (M/F)Job vacancy24/11/201523/12/2015»
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (Wales) - Botanist/Field Surveyors x12Job vacancy24/11/201504/01/2016»
University of Southampton - PhD "Remote sensing of rangeland quality, productivity and dynamics and the links to climate change"Job vacancy24/11/201508/01/2016»
Newcastle University - PhD "UAVs and Photogrammetric Computer Vision Approaches for Characterising Channel Hydromorphology"Job vacancy24/11/201501/01/2016»
Call for Proposals: Earth Explorer Mission EE-9Call for proposal24/11/201501/02/2016»
KULeuven - Position as Researcher to support in a Remote Sensing Drone project with specific focus on precision farming Job vacancy20/11/201531/12/2015»
B.USOC - Operations engineer (M/F/)Job vacancy12/11/201511/12/2015»
(worldwide renowned institute) - Research Group Leader in Remote Sensing and Ecohydrological ModellingJob vacancy12/11/201515/12/2015»
Bern University - CSH Fellows in the Science of HabitabilityJob vacancy30/10/201531/12/2015»
Birdlife International - Marine Technical OfficerJob vacancy30/10/201507/12/2015»
Newcastle University - COMET/BGS Studentship in Earth Observations for Mapping Earthquakes and/or Earthquake-induced LandslidesJob vacancy30/10/201530/11/2015»
GIM - Promotions for 30 cm WorldView-3 Satellite ImageryGeneral announcement23/06/201531/12/2015»

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