ILVO - PhD research: UAV technology in support of the farmerJob vacancy23/07/201431/07/2014»
CSL - A one-week Certificate Course on Technologies for Earth Observation from Micro-SatellitesTraining course22/07/201431/10/2014»
VUB - PhD in wetland hydrology and remote sensingJob vacancy22/07/201431/07/2014»
VUB - PhD in urban hydrology and remote sensingJob vacancy22/07/201431/07/2014»
ESA - Programma voor ruimtevaartstages Training course22/07/201431/08/2014»
ESA - Programme de formation en aérospatialTraining course22/07/201431/08/2014»
ULB - PhD opportunity at ANAGEO/IGEATJob vacancy22/07/201430/08/2014»
ULB - PhD opportunity at LUBIES - Modelling and forecasting African Urban Population PatternsJob vacancy22/07/201430/08/2014»
special IEEE-JSTARS issue about "Hyperspectral remote sensing".Call for paper10/06/201431/07/2014»

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