Utrecht University, Faculty of Geosciences - Assistant Professor in Geo-Computation and Natural HazardsJob vacancy17/08/201510/09/2015»
KALKULO - Research Scientist in Geophysics/GeomodellingJob vacancy17/08/201515/09/2015»
KALKULO - Research Scientist in Geophysics/Numerical modellingJob vacancy17/08/201515/09/2015»
IFREMER - Post-doc: Study of the Arctic sea ice variabilityJob vacancy17/08/201510/09/2015»
Classroom training on HEXPRESS™/Hydrid in Brussels, Belgium - October 13Training course07/08/201513/10/2015»
Classroom training on FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ in Brussels, Belgium - October 14-16Training course07/08/201516/10/2015»
Classroom training on FINE™/Turbo in Toulouse, France - September 22-24Training course07/08/201524/09/2015»
Classroom training on FINE™/Marine in Brussels, Belgium - September 21-25Training course07/08/201525/09/2015»
Introduction to industrial CFD with FINE™/Open in Brussels, Belgium - October 12Training course07/08/201512/10/2015»
Classroom training on FINE™/Marine in Istanbul, Turkey - September 7-11Training course07/08/201511/09/2015»
Webinar: Aero-Vibro-Acoustic simulation of Exhaust Systems and Mufflers - September 30Training course03/08/201530/09/2015»
Webinar: New First in Flutter Analysis for Multi-Row Turbomachinery with FINE™/Turbo v10.1 - September 16Training course03/08/201515/09/2015»
SIRS is looking for a Remote Sensing specialist in natural resources monitoring over large areasJob vacancy30/07/201504/09/2015»
GIM - Promotions for 30 cm WorldView-3 Satellite ImageryGeneral announcement23/06/201531/12/2015»

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