Stockholm University -- PhD student in Meteorology with focus on Aerosols and CloudsJob vacancy11/04/201824/04/2018»
Agrimetrics -- Earth Observation Data ScientistJob vacancy11/04/201823/04/2018»
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam -- Postdoc position in volcano monitoring using radar, photogrammetry and modellingJob vacancy11/04/201820/04/2018»
EUMETSAT -- Training Officer (Atmospheric Composition Applications)Job vacancy11/04/201821/04/2018»
James Hutton Institute & University of Aberdeen -- PhD position in UAV thermal remote sensing for assessing river temperatureJob vacancy11/04/201804/05/2018»
Cyclops -- Field Surveyor (GIS Experience Required)Job vacancy11/04/201805/05/2018»
University of Leipzig -- W3 Professorship “Remote Sensing of the Water Cycle in the Earth System”Job vacancy11/04/201831/05/2018»
University of Leipzig -- W3 Professorship “Remote sensing in geo- and ecosystem research”Job vacancy11/04/201831/05/2018»
HR Wallingford -- Earth Observation Scientist (Fixed Term)Job vacancy11/04/201821/04/2018»
University of Leipzig -- W3 Professorship “Modelling approaches in remote sensing”Job vacancy09/04/201831/05/2018»
COPERNICUS Masters 2018General announcement06/04/201830/06/2018»
STEREO III call for remote sensing exploration projetsCall for proposal05/04/201805/05/2018»
Royal Meteorological Institute -- Research assistant SW11 at RMI Job vacancy05/04/201801/05/2018»
UCL -- Cartographie de l’occupation du sol de Wallonie à partir de données multi-sourcesJob vacancy04/04/201820/04/2018»
UCL -- A post-doc fellowship in agriculture remote sensing exploiting the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time seriesJob vacancy04/04/201820/04/2018»
UCL -- Mapping the different types of forest of the Congo Basin by high resolution satellite remote sensingJob vacancy04/04/201820/04/2018»
UCL -- Natural habitat monitoring using Sentinel‐1&2 satellite time series for biodiversity assessmentJob vacancy04/04/201820/04/2018»
UCL -- Mapping the land cover of the planet by satellite remote sensing time series and extracting key thematic informationJob vacancy04/04/201820/04/2018»
BIRA -- Expert ruimtevaartprogramma´sJob vacancy30/03/201817/05/2018»
Belgian - Vietnamese Research and Technology CooperationCall for proposal22/03/201824/05/2018»
RSL-TAU Israel -- Post-doc - Hyperspectral remote sensing in thermal regionJob vacancy22/03/201822/04/2018»
Belgian - South African Research and Technology CooperationCall for proposal22/03/201804/05/2018»

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