Wood Mackenzie -- GIS DeveloperJob vacancy19/09/201724/09/2017»
University of Bristol -- Research Associate in GeodesyJob vacancy19/09/201725/09/2017»
University of Zürich -- Ph.D. Position in Remote Sensing of Plant Water InteractionsJob vacancy19/09/201729/09/2017»
EUMETSAT -- Future Missions Applications Experts (MTG and EPS-SG)Job vacancy19/09/201704/10/2017»
EUMETSAT -- Climate Product Expert (Level 2 data)Job vacancy19/09/201727/09/2017»
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology -- Post-doc "AtmoWater"Job vacancy19/09/201715/10/2017»
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies -- Post-doc "Combined downward continuation and spatio-..."Job vacancy19/09/201714/11/2017»
EUMETSAT -- Climate Product Expert (Level 1 data)Job vacancy19/09/201711/10/2017»
EUMETSAT -- Hyperspectral Infrared Competence Area ManagerJob vacancy19/09/201715/10/2017»
Attaché à la cellule "Télédétection et Géodonnées"Job vacancy07/09/201730/09/2017»
UNESCO MAB Young Scientists AwardsCall for proposal30/08/201715/12/2017»
EUMETSAT -- Image Navigation and Registration EngineerJob vacancy18/08/201730/09/2017»
Support of Networking Activities with South AfricaCall for proposal14/07/201720/09/2017»

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