UGent, Department of Geography -- assistant professor in the field of remote sensing

Posted-Deadline 08/03/2017 -  31/03/2017
Type Job vacancy
Description Remote Sensing is an essential research technique in geography. In the Department of Geography, several research groups utilize Remote Sensing for the scientific analysis of the Earth’s surface, the landscape and its changes. Remote Sensing doesn’t not only allow analyzing changes but also studying important explanatory factors of these changes. In the Department of Geography, Remote Sensing research specifically addresses:
  • studying changes, both short and long term, of the land cover and land use; land evolution and land degradation; human - nature interaction. This can be applied in Western Europe as well as in overseas areas;
  • studying of the urbanization and urban development;
  • extraction of 3D models based on Remote Sensing in a broad sense.
  • Within the context of this position, the newly recruited professorial staff member is expected to contribute to the expertise in one or several research topics in Remote Sensing, with special attention to the implementation of integrated research with other research groups of the Department of Geography and other UGent departments. Beside research, the assignment also covers a limited educational task and cooperation to the services provided by the Department of Geography.
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Organisation Ugent - Department of Geography
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