EASI - Exploring Air-Sea Interaction via Airborne Measurements

Posted-Deadline 25/06/2017 -  04/07/2017
Type Training course
Description The primary goal of the EASI training course is to teach and train early-stage researchers (PhD and Post-docs) and university lecturers on the use of a research aircraft, and on the experimental possibilities it opens for atmospheric physics and chemistry research.This implies providing them with an overview of airborne and remote sensing experimental techniques, and of specific features of collecting and analysing airborne measurements. In addition, EASI aims to transfer consolidated knowledge on and recent advancements in specific topics related to air-sea interaction, and near coastal boundary layer structure and dynamics. Specifically, flight experiments performed with the French SAFIRE aircraft ATR42, and lectures during the course will address the problem of air-sea interaction, focusing on turbulence fluctuations in the near-coastal boundary layer, clouds microphysics, atmospheric composition, marine aerosols and the impacts on climate, momentum and heat exchanges at the air/sea interface. Lectures will be alternated with working group sessions on instrument calibration, safety issues and data analysis. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit the Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station.
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Organisation EUFAR (European Facility for Airborne Research)
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