STANCO - School and Training on Aircraft New Techniques for Atmospheric Composition Observation

Posted-Deadline 26/06/2017 -  06/07/2017
Type Training course
Description The main objective is to provide an overview on measurement techniques, data analysis and specifics of the airborne measurements of species relevant in the atmosphere. Emphasis will be on new instruments and emerging techniques for aircraft observations. Air pollution and climate changes are global problems and the species responsible for these environmental issues are emitted essentially by the same process: fossil fuel burning. The observations of these compounds using aircraft platforms are needed because usually most of these measurements are highly dependent on altitude and exhibit large horizontal variability. Aircraft allow in-situ measurements that can be used to identify and track emission plume of atmospheric trace gases. The lectures will include an introduction on atmospheric composition focusing on pollution transport, vertical distribution of atmospheric compounds and links between air pollution and climate changes. They will also cover the technical, engineering and safety aspects of airborne measurements. Subject to operational constraints, all students will have the opportunity to participate in a research flight on the FAAM instrumented BAe-146 aircraft. Data will then be processed and analysed with the support of experienced users of airborne facilities.
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Organisation EUFAR (European Facility for Airborne Research)
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