Group on Earth Observations (GEO) -- Next Secretariat Director

Posted-Deadline 07/04/2017 -  15/05/2017
Type Job vacancy

Overall policy and programmatic direction and supervision for this position come from the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Executive Committee acting on behalf of the GEO Plenary. For administrative matters only, specifically for compliance with WMO Financial and Staff Rules and Regulations, the GEO Secretariat Director is accountable to the WMO Secretary-General. The Director will perform the following duties:

Policy and planning
  1. Informs the Executive Committee about the important factors affecting the mission of GEO and recommends positions and strategies;
  2. Develops and executes multi-year and annual operations plans, aligned with the strategies and policies approved by Plenary, identifies resource requirements to achieve the plans, and annual performance metrics for the plan execution;

Management and administration

  1. Oversees the GEO Secretariat in preparing and supporting meetings and other work of the Plenary, Executive Committee, Programme Board and other sub-entities, as appropriate;
  2. Works with the Lead GEO Co-Chair(s) to identify core issues for Executive Committee and Plenary agendas and facilitates effective discussions and clear outcomes in the Executive Committee, enabling it to fulfill its governance functions, as appropriate;
  3. Develops and executes annual operating budget and oversees the use of GEO Trust Fund resources, ensuring financial responsibility in compliance with the relevant WMO rules;
  4. Manages human resources of the Secretariat, including the development of a staffing plan, recruitment of qualified candidates, evaluation of staff performance, and creates a work environment that encourages creative thinking, collaboration and transparency;
  5. Directs and oversees other day-to-day activities of the Secretariat;

Stakeholder engagement

  1. Develops and recommends to the Executive Committee actions for executing GEO's engagement strategy;
  2. Advocates for the value of Earth observations and GEO to a wide range of external stakeholders;
  3. Develops and maintains strategic relationships with stakeholders, cultivating and pursuing opportunities for co-designing projects, involving downstream users and private sector;
  4. Maintains a solid understanding of priorities, interests and capacities of the GEO community and engages with GEO's Member Governments and Participating Organizations to stimulate their involvement in GEO's priority activities;


Assures compliance of Secretariat's activities with applicable WMO legal, regulatory and ethics rules.

Carry out other related duties as required.
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Organisation GEO (Group on Earth Observations)
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