Earth & Life Institute (UCL) -- Mapping the transition toward sustainable livestock production systems

Posted-Deadline 24/04/2017 -  15/05/2017
Type Job vacancy
Description The global livestock sector faces major challenges in terms of the sustainability of its development due to the considerable externalities that livestock production has on society, health and the environment. High‐resolution maps of livestock are essential tools to assess the sustainability of livestock production systems. Maps allow, for example, the estimation of potential impacts of various hazards that have strong spatial dimensions such as the release of pollutants. They are also particularly important in epidemiology, because the density of hosts (people, or livestock, or both) is a key variable affecting the emergence, persistence and spread of infectious diseases. The main objective of this research will be to identify innovative ways to improve the spatial realism of outputs of livestock distribution maps and to explore how alternative forms of modelling and representation could provide more spatially realistic outputs at different scales. This will focus on the dynamics aspects of livestock production in emerging economies and intensifying systems.
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Organisation UCL - Centre de recherche sur la Terre et le climat Georges Lemaître
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