Geological Survey of Denkmark & Greenland -- 2-year postdoc in carbonatite-hosted mineralizing systems

Posted-Deadline 11/08/2017 -  04/09/2017
Type Job vacancy
Description HiTech AlkCarb is a 4-year Horizon 2020-funded project that aims to develop new geomodels for critical metals and minerals (e.g. REE, Nb, Sc, Ta, Zr, Hf, CaF2) in alkaline rocks and carbonatites. Geological exploration models for alkaline and carbonatite systems are still relatively limited in scope and extent. However, a wealth of new data and insights exist from the first two years of HiTech AlkCarb, and are ready to be synthesised into a new process-based understanding and model of critical metal deposits in alkaline rocks and carbonatites.

You will build on scientific advances from the first two years of HiTech AlkCarb to develop a new scale-and depth-dependent prospectivity mapping approach for rare earth elements and other critical metals in carbonatite systems. The project will involve synthesising and manipulating large amounts of existing geological, geophysical, geochemical and remote sensing data collected from different carbonatite complexes in, for example, southern Germany, Malawi and Greenland. You will collaborate closely with industry and academic project partners from across the EU, including postdocs at BGS, University of Exeter, University of Tübingen, and build their subject matter expertise into your research. The project may involve gathering additional petrophysical data from existing samples, and possibly fieldwork in Namibia.
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