Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies -- Post-doc "Combined downward continuation and spatio-..."

Posted-Deadline 19/09/2017 -  14/11/2017
Type Job vacancy
Description Research will be devoted to apply existing theoretical approaches and numerical codes to continue the internal geomagnetic field over oceanic areas through a 3D electrically conducting mantle down to the core-mantle boundary. The spatially-restricted downward continuation will map this detailed surface geomagnetic field variations onto the CMB. The knowledge and experience gained from this model should contribute to a better understanding of the natural variability of the geomagnetic field. The acquired knowledge will provide the scientific community with a new analysis tool for modelling and interpreting CHAMP and Swarm magnetic satellite observations.

Several points will be emphasized: (1) Investigation of the influence of 3-D electrical conduc-tivity on the core field at the CMB, (2) Understanding the limitations and advantages of downward continuation in a restricted region, (3) The potential of advanced downward continuation as an additional analysis tool for satellite measurements, (4) Application to oceanic regions and geomagnetic field data, (5) Transfer of new aspects of the advanced downward continuation approach to scientific community.

Potential candidates should have a PhD in geophysics, strong theoretical background in the theory of geomagnetic field, a capability to develop innovative numerical methodologies, ex-tensive software programming knowledge and experience in numerical code development, spectral analysis of geophysical data.

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