LSCE -- Postdoctoral fellowship in diagnostic and analysis of global and regional land carbon fluxes

Posted-Deadline 22/09/2017 -  22/11/2017
Type Job vacancy
Description looking for a motivated post doc fellow interested in the interpretation of global atmospheric inversion fluxes, and the comparison of their results with data-driven and process-based models to deliver a better understanding of the current variations of the global land carbon cycle. This work is in support of the community efforts of the Global Carbon Project through a project funded by the European Space Agency.

Observations of the CO2 dry air mole fraction in the atmosphere carry the imprint of the underlying CO2 surface fluxes over the globe, modulated by atmospheric transport. Atmospheric inversions provide a global picture of large-scale CO2 fluxes with an uncertainty structure, but the mechanisms causing variations in those fluxes can only be elucidated by comparing inversion results with other indicators of the carbon cycle provided by remote-sensing data, as well as by bottom-up data-driven and processbased models results. The post-doc candidate will compare top-down (inversions) and bottom-up estimates of land CO2 fluxes and quantify their respective uncertainties across different time scales for all land regions of the globe. This work will contribute to and augment the scientific analysis of the global carbon budget annually updated by the Global Carbon Project by annual updates of regional CO2 fluxes and interpretation of key anomalies happening in some regions. The methodology will build upon the RECCAP project and take stock of newly available land surface and atmospheric remote sensing data.
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