KULeuven -- PostDoc "Snow Estimation Under a Vegetation Gradient Using SnowEx Data"

Posted-Deadline 11/10/2017 -  21/11/2017
Type Job vacancy
Description Remote sensing of snow water equivalents has been notoriously difficult, especially in forested areas. NASA has launched a multi-year airborne campaign, SnowEx, to collect a wealth of data over a variety of snow covered regions. The first campaign was held in February 2017 in Grand Mesa, Colorado (US), a flat region with varying forest densities. Airborne remote sensing data were collected using multiple traditional and experimental techniques, including lidar, active microwave, and multi/hyper-spectral visible/infrared imagers. In addition, a variety of terrestrial remote sensing data were collected. During the same period, large groups of scientists intensively sampled snow “on the ground”, and satellite missions looked at Grand Mesa “from space”. Finally, snow can also be simulated over this area using land surface models. The SNOPOST project will optimally combine data from this unique dataset, and collaborate with the SnowEx team, to unlock the potential of remote sensing for snow estimation.
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Organisation KULeuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
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