Helmholtz Centre Potsdam -- Postdoc position in volcano monitoring using radar, photogrammetry and modelling

Posted-Deadline 11/04/2018 -  20/04/2018
Type Job vacancy
Description VOLCAPSE is an ERC consolidator project awarded to PD Dr. Thomas R. Walter, head of the volcano-tectonics and -hazards group at the GFZ Potsdam, studying modes of volcano dome growth, collapse and coupled process by time-lapse imaging methods (https://www.gfz-potsdam.de/staff/thomas-walter). Within the volcano-tectonics and -hazards group, Department 2 "Geophysics", Section 2.1, invites applications for a Postdoc position in volcano monitoring using radar, photogrammetry and modelling.

The construction of volcanoes, i.e. the intrusive and eruptive growth, can be intermittently interrupted by destructive events. Dome building volcanoes, in specific, grow by magma extrusion and are partially destroyed again, posing a significant hazard in form of pyroclastic flows and other processes.

Lava domes are massive and volatile-poor extrusion complexes of highly viscous magma, often emplaced in a volcano summit crater region. Lava domes may intermittently destabilize, producing rock falls and pyroclastic flows, some of the most common hazards at volcanoes.

As these dome collapses are often initiated on the flanks of a lava dome, close observations of the growth and spread of the lava dome flanks are crucial. The VOLCAPSE team combines novel satellite radar technologies together with photogrammetry methods to monitor lava domes, and develops models for understanding the processes acting at explosive volcanoes.

Through modelling the aim is to improve understanding of the deformation style of the dome and the stress changes within and beneath.

Your responsibilities:
  • conduct field work and collect geophysical data at dome building volcanoes
  • implementation of a robust workflow for analyzing time lapse camera data streams
  • jointly analyse radar and webcam data and develop tools for assessing eruption parameters, dome growth rates and instability
  • develop models to understand formation of structural instabilities at domes
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Organisation Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum
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