Université Lumière Lyon 2 -- PhD on Landscape changes and natural resource management in the semi-arid region of Amboseli

Posted-Deadline 16/07/2018 -  16/09/2018
Type Job vacancy
The PhD scholarship opportunity is part of the ANR JCJC (Agence National de la Recherche, Jeunes Chercheurs, Jeunes Chercheuses - France) research project MaGnuM. This project, which started in 2017, focuses on the Greater Amboseli Ecosystem (GAE), i.e. the Amboseli National Park (ANP) and the agro-pastoral belt surrounding it at the northern base of Mount Kilimanjaro. The research aims to understand the causes and consequences of landscape transformation over the last 60 years, particularly by seeking to reveal how ecological and socioeconomic processes have interacted, and to conceive for the future some alternative management approaches to those currently in place. This challenge is considerable because (i) of the complex dynamics of savanna environments at nested time scales, (ii) of the constant interplay between socioeconomic and ecological factors, and (iii) of persistent uncertainties regarding the long-term trajectories of these rangeland socio-ecosystems. Through the co-production of future land and livelihood scenarios with the participation of local stakeholders, the project seeks to construct a range of options relating to issues such as the persistence of viable wildlife populations, the sustainable management of natural resources, and to prospects for maintaining agricultural and pastoral activities. To meet these challenges, the project is rooted in interdisciplinarity, with collaboration, participatory modelling, and landscape analysis as key approaches.

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