Belgian National Trainee Programme by ESA

Posted-Deadline 25/07/2018 -  31/08/2018
Type Job vacancy
Are you fascinated by space and want to carry out genuinely cutting-edge research? With the Belgian National Trainee Programme, or NTP, you get the opportunity to work on current space projects at the European Space Agency (ESA). Satellite operations, robotics, manned and unmanned spaceflight, Earth observation and mission analysis are just some of the exciting areas of work in which our trainees have taken on demanding tasks.

Open Positions
at ESA ESEC (Redu, Belgium)
  • CubeSat System Engineering
  • Engineering Training Content Development
  • ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Programme
at ESA ECSAT (Harwell, United Kingdom)
  • HRAF for exploration missions
at ESA EAC (Köln, Germany)
  • Spaceship EAC – Robotics and Human Interaction
  • Spaceship EAC – Additive Manufacturing
at ESA ESTEC (Noordwijk, Netherlands)
  • Electronic fuse based on COTS components
  • High Frequency DC/DC converter module with Digital Control
  • Space Radiation Environment Data Analyses and Modelling
  • Space Mechanisms
  • AOCS prototyping and test engineer
For more information on any of these positions and the way to apply for them, be sure to check out the following website:
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Organisation ESA (European Space Agency)
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