J├╝lich Forschungszentrum -- Post-Doc in remote sensing

Posted-Deadline 25/07/2018 -  25/08/2018
Type Job vacancy
Description Your Job:
  • Workflow development: Develop approaches to link Earth Observation data to SDG indicators via essential variables
  • Workflow implementation: Establish process chains in a virtual laboratory on Amazon Web Services to gather baseline data to document initial conditions, develop reliable metrics as indicators, monitor essential variables, and to account for dynamic natural and human processes
  • Data fusion: Analyze, define and apply new approaches for multi-temporal multi-scale fusion of Earth Observation data
  • Validation: The aim is to relate spaceborne observations to in situ measurements, to analyze existing in-situ observation standards for validation and identify adequate networks, to define strategies for the validation of specific essential variables, and to define protocols for validation good practice
  • Topics are preferably selected from hydrology (soil moisture, drought, groundwater recharge, evapotranspiration), but the successful candidate is encouraged to realize new aspects driven by his/her previous activities
  • present results at international conferences
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