Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop 2020

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Starting 11 May 2020


Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

ESA’s Education Office, with the support of the Science, Applications & Climate Department, is now inviting applications from Master and PhD students enrolled in engineering or science degrees for an exciting new workshop on Earth Observation Remote Sensing.

ESA is dedicated to Earth Observation (EO) satellite missions and is the driving force behind the Sentinels missions, among many others, such as the small Proba-V satellite. EO satellites are vital for supporting the daily lives of people all around the globe, and will be at the forefront of efforts to confront future challenges. The remote sensing data they generate enables rapid responses to natural disasters such as flooding; the monitoring of vegetation and agriculture; optimisation of water usage; methods of preserving resources; better understanding of urban development; monitoring meteorological and environmental parameters essential to understanding the evolution of Earth’s global-scale dynamics, and the list goes on! ESA is running this Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop to support future generations of EO scientists.

The deadline for applications is 23 March 2020.