AI/DATA Scientist

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General job description

You will integrate the Remote Sensing and Geodata Unit and work on the development of innovative research projects in Artificial Intelligence applied to geomatics, environment and natural resources monitoring (land use and land cover, urban areas, natural resources, landfills, air quality, development cooperation...) from Earth observation data. More specifically, you will contribute to two research projects:

  • Secure Active Learning for Territorial Observations in collaboration with UCLouvain, Oscars s.a., and the Institut Royal Supérieur de Défense
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence in the monitoring tools of the Walloon Environment (INTELLO) in collaboration with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Oscars s.a.

In addition to these projects, you will contribute to the development of the expertise of the unit by searching for new projects, in Belgium and abroad.

Technical and scientific requirements

You demonstrate expertise with different AI methods (deep learning/machine learning). You can easily switch from one programming language to another. You are interested in the functioning of the algorithms you use. You develop and automate data processing.

Any experience in handling and processing geodata and Earth Observation data will be considered an advantage.

You are open-minded and critical of your results and pedagogical in the transmission of knowledge. You are known for your interpersonal skills. You have good analytical and synthesis skills.

You contribute to the writing of reports and scientific publications.