Assistant Professor (tenure track) of interactions between atmospheric and Earth surface processes

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Organisation: University of Lausanne

The Faculty of Geosciences and the Environment (FGSE) of the University of Lausanne invites applications for a professorship on the interactions between atmospheric and Earth surface processes, to be based in the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST).

The FGSE is looking for an atmospheric scientist in the broad fields of anthropogenic climate change, decadal and centennial-scale variability. They are particularly interested in candidates who can bring an understanding of local and regional climate impacts on Earth and Environmental processes, and the proxies used to study them. FGSE seeks someone who has a deep understanding of physical climate processes through modeling, observations and/or theory. This position is envisioned to bridge across emerging topics and expertise within the climate change dimension. Engagement in interdisciplinary projects with the social sciences and humanities is encouraged.

The successful candidate will actively participate in the research activities of the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, will teach in the Bachelor of Geosciences and Environment and Masters programs taught by the FGSE, and will supervise masters and doctoral students.