Associate Professor in Hydrology and Water Resources Management

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The Department of Geoscience (DG), Aarhus University, Denmark, invites applicants for a faculty position at the Associate Professor level in Hydrology and Water Resources Management to begin on February 1, 2021. They are searching for a highly motivated scientist in the fields of hydrology and water resources management compatible with their interdisciplinary hydrogeophysical research.

The Associate Professor will contribute to research and teaching in the field of hydrology and water resources management. The focal areas will include but not be limited to (1) catchment-scale interactions between surface water and groundwater, (2) applications of hydrogeophysical data to the understanding of large-scale hydrological processes, contaminant transport and numerical modelling, and (3) providing decision-making support to water resource managers involving uncertainty considerations.

The successful candidate will have expertise in several of the following areas:

  • Environmental management of water resources at the catchment scale
  • Impact of climate change on hydrological systems with focus on mitigation and adaptation
  • Assessment of water availability and quality
  • Surface geophysical methods for developing hydrostratigraphical models and estimating hydrogeological properties of the substratum
  • Impact of anthropogenic activities on water resources including contaminant transport
  • Uncertainty quantification in the decision-making.