BRAIN-be 2.0 issues "Call for proposals 2019"

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About the Programme

BRAIN-be 2.0 is the second iteration of the Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks. It allows, through the funding of research projects based on scientific excellence and European and international anchorage, to meet the needs for scientific knowledge of the Belgian federal departments and to support the scientific potential of the Federal Scientific Institutions. 

The BRAIN-be 2.0 programme is implemented over a period of 6 years (2018-2023).

Programme Structure

The framework programme BRAIN-be 2.0 is structured around 3 pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Challenges and knowledge of the living and non-living world
  • Pillar 2: Heritage science
  • Pillar 3: Federal societal challenges. 

BRAIN-be 2.0 is open to the whole Belgian scientific community: universities, university colleges, public scientific institutions and non-profit research centres. The call for proposals 2019 is open for all 3 Pillars. 

Looking for satellite imagery?

Candidates wishing to use satellite or other Earth observation data in their BRAIN-be 2.0 project might be interested to know that these data will be provided free of charge by the STEREO III Programme. STEREO is responsible for funding and purchasing EO data not just for its own research projects, but for the projects of other BELSPO-funded programmes as well. The requested funding will naturally be subject to availability. 


  • Expressions of interest (only for Pillar 3): 22 July 2019 - 23h59
  • Research Proposals: 2 September 2019 - 23h59