Call for manuscript submissions on AI Remote Sensing

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Organisation: MDPI Remote Sensing

About the call

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an explosively growing field of computer science which is expected to transform many aspects of society in a profound way. Following a series of scientific and technological breakthroughs, AI techniques are witnessing a growing interest and successful deployments in a plethora of domains and applications. AI techniques analyze large amounts of unstructured and heterogeneous data, and discover and exploit complex and intricate relationships between these data, without recourse to an explicit analytical treatment of those relationships.

As AI techniques are data driven, in principle they are well suited for application in weather forecasting (WF) and climate monitoring (CM), as they rely on a vast amount of meteorological observations, with a prominent place for satellite remote sensing. 


The main objective of the Special Issue is to draw the attention of the remote sensing community to the rapidly evolving domain of modern AI and its applications. For this Special Issue, we invite contributions related to the application of AI techniques to WF and CM. Particular areas that could be addressed include:

  • Observations of quality control/bias correction/data fusion
  • Nowcasting
  • Data assimilation
  • Process parameterization
  • Postprocessing of NWP output
  • Multimodel superensembles
  • Warnings for high-impact weather
  • Subseasonal and seasonal forecast
  • Decadal climate prediction