Computational Scientist (HPC) for Destination Earth

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ECMWF has an exciting opportunity for a Computational Scientist to help shape and deliver DestinE developments in collaboration with partners throughout Europe. This role will contribute to the provision of much improved prediction capabilities for environmental extremes. It will do so through advancing ECMWF’s Integrated Forecasting System (IFS) towards enabling the delivery of the Weather-Induced Extremes Digital Twin, which will rely on high-resolution (km-scale) short-to-medium-range simulations to drive much enhanced weather-induced extremes predictions.

The role advertised through this vacancy offers a unique opportunity in the area of model development and high-performance computing and will be responsible for enabling the efficient execution of ECMWF’s IFS model across the many different supercomputing architectures that will support DestinE deliverables (e.g. EuroHPC).

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing strategies to adapt atmospheric composition model components of IFS to accelerator-based HPC architectures and flexibly embed atmospheric composition in high-resolution simulations. The role will be tasked with the development and application of source-to-source translation software in combination with GPU-enabled data structures to prepare several atmospheric composition solvers for utilising GPU accelerators and thus ensure GPU-readiness in support of km-scale short-to-medium range weather forecasts.